Liberia- Mildred Robell Belle

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Name: Mildred Robell Belle

Age: 20years old

Occupation: Student

Height: 172 cm

Hobbies: modeling, dancing, reading, interacting with people, playing games , singing, drawing,
painting and a lot .

Biography: My name is Mildred, I am a Liberian born on February 26 2002, a diploma holder in
nurse aid and drug dispensing , current student studying biology, my dream is to become a
medical doctor.

Life Ambition: Medical Doctor and a business woman .

Volunteer / Charity Work: have a foundation call the Robell foundation founded on January 11
2019 a foundation of humanity.

Why did you enter the pageant? It has been my dream for years to become miss United nation,
and also one of the biggest aim of United nation is to serve humility, and that’s my dream so I
want to work along with the organization to see it come through.

Which world leader inspire you? Current president of the republic of Liberia Doc George M
Weah .

What do you like about host country India? They are all beautiful and unique , and they believe
in their culture a lot.
Favorite Food: I don’t think I have a favorite food cause I love a lot of food .