Entry Form

Entry Form

Candidate are required to complete their entry form located on this website for application processing. This is a mandatory step in order to be considered for the pageant in your country. Completing the entry form will give your the opportunity to represent your country, State or town in the national or international pageant. 

For your form to be reviewed a payment of $75 USD must be submitted along with your form. 

The entry form submission will be the commencement of your confirmation process. 

  • Profile Registration
  • Social Media Check
  • Application Review by International officers 
  • Scheduled virtual or in-person interview


International Application Fee

Congratulations! You have completed the entry form and you are now selected from the confirmation process. In order to be fully confirmed, you are required to pay your international application fee. 

 Note: Sponsors should not use this section.
This payment section is only for contestants. 


The International application fee covers the below: 

  • Luxury hotel accommodations
  • Meal Accommodation 
  • Designer brand exposure
  • Transportation Services by our business partners 
  • Brand development
  • Business Innovative Strategy Coaching

Sponsors Payment Portal

Sponsors who are submitting sponsorship on behalf of any contestant should submit their payment here. Or if they are submitting payment for competition operations of their choice for brand recognition.

Note: Elite sponsors should reach out to the pageant international officers for other payment methods created by the organization’s Chief Financial officer.


Welcome to United Nations Pageants candidate confirmation process portal

The candidate confirmation process is processing-oriented steps that were implemented by the Executive Vice President of International Operations in partnership with BetterWeBuild developer, enhancing contestant confirmation process.
All candidates who are interested in joining the United Nations Pageants competitions are required to complete all the steps required for confirmation which is followed by mandatory payment upon submission. Please to see the below steps for completion. 
  1. Contestant Registration: All incoming candidate must register their profiles for review by local and international officers who will provide confirmed approval of each individual profile via email. Candidates must make a payment to submit their profile.  
  2. Confirmation Process: Once contestants’ profiles are approved upon registration, they will be required to begin their confirmation process in their page for their reference. The confirmation process will be more selective based on candidate responses submitted followed by a scheduled interview which will be conducted by an international officer outside of their selected designation. Once completed, candidates will be confirmed for their pageant of entry and title for their regional or international competition. 
  3.  International/Regional Application Fee: All confirmed contestants will be directed to pay their international or regional fee to received their acceptance letter, embassy processing details, branding and marketing package. 
Important: Contestants are not confirmed until their international/ application fee is fully paid. 
Sponsors Payment Portal
Contestants are not authorized to submit payment in the sponsorship payment portal. This is against the Chief Financial Officer compliance implemented policies for the United Nations Pageants LLC organization. Only Sponsors for contestants are authorized to submit payment using the sponsorship payment portal. 


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