About Us:


The purpose of the United Nations Pageants is to give all men or women the opportunity to come together in a pageant setting regardless of their background, to build relationships with other men or women who are working diligently to leave a positive impact in their communities.  As the United Nations Pageants delegates come together and share their community volunteer projects, ideas and goals with each other, they  become unified as pageant brother /sister in the united nations pageants family. This sister and brotherhood strengthen them to see beyond their immediate surrounding and situation shares ideas of how he /she serves their communities, they meets will be strengthened and edified because their paths have crossed.


United Nations Pageants Delegates do not have to fit into a cookie cutter mold of what is perceived to be the ideal pageant men/women with an  ideal pageant life. United Nations Pageants delegates come from different backgrounds, have different shapes, sizes, ethnicities, religions and socioeconomic backgrounds. The common thread between the United Nations women or men is their love for and dedication to their families,  school, career, marriage and community involvement. The ability to manage and execute the many facets of life with elegance, style and grace make each delegate a winner before he/ she has ever won. In addition to In pageant his/her service obligations to the United Nations Pageants organization,  each service queen has an area of interest in which she plans to dedicate a portion of her time.


The United Nations Pageants promotes, inspires, and empowers all men/ women to develop and utilize their strengths and inner qualities to positively impact all people throughout the world. Fundamental values of Family, Faith, Community and Wellness are the foundation for the footprints  each United Nations Delegate leaves on his/her world. 


United Nations Pageants delegates are judged on interview, where independent judges ask questions to determine his/ her views on life, family, commitment and passion towards volunteerism and how he/she plans to continue to make a difference regardless of the outcome of the pageant. Although physical fitness is an element of competition, taking pride in one’s The body is more important than its actual shape or size. Wellness in mind, body and spirit are key elements of the fitness competition. Harmony of These three elements sustain the contestant’s ability to serve others wear highlights poise and grace.