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Name: Aniket Singh
Age:19 yrs
Occupation: Fashion Model
Height: 6 ft
Hobbies: Reading non fiction books and playing football, travelling.
Biography: My name is Aniket and I’m 19yrs young, I’ve been doing Modelling from a long time but professionally I’ve attended 3 pageants out of which I’ve won 2 pageant titles, and now I’m looking forward to won a title at an international level.
Life Ambition:-To represent my country at international levels
Volunteer/Charity work: I m a student right now, so I work on charity project with my college
Why did you enter the pageant? Because this is my passion and my dream to represent my country on the global stage.
Which world leader inspire you?  Former  US President (Barack Obama) he has been great leader and has done plenty for his country.
What do you like about the host country India? I like India for it’s rich blend of traditional, cultural heritage and modern lifestyle.
 Favorite food: Indian and Chinese