Philippines- Pia Samantha M. Roldan

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Miss Philippines 2023 United Nations 2023: Pia Samantha M. Roldan

Miss World Class Philippines Ambassador 2018
Entrepreneur, Businesswoman, First Philippines Ambassador in World Class Beauty Queen
Magazine at Chicago, Beauty queen, VCPS Advocacy Support Group (PNP) .
Age: 28
Entrepreneur Businesswoman
Height: 5’6 1/2
Working out in the gym
watching vintage movies
Reading Archie comics
Bowing the Violin
Playing video games like PS5
Recapping my American Sign Language studies
Favorite food
Creme bleu
Tuna Sashimi and anything Japanese
Education Info
University of the Immaculate Conception of Davao City
took up Bachelor of Arts Major in Communication Arts

Favorite food
Creme bleu
Tuna Sashimi and anything Japanese
Education Info
University of the Immaculate Conception of Davao City

took up Bachelor of Arts Major in Communication Arts
Pia Samantha Molina Roldan was born in November 29,1994 , zodiac sign of Sagittarius ;
Strong-willed , brutally honest, punctual , determined and carefree.During her elementary years
she was at London,England with her mother worked as a nurse and as years passed by to high
school , she went back to the Philippines to be with her whole family. Her life was like kinda a
cinderella story cause of her father’s respectable job as Police General in the Philippines for 30
years of service , she is always in the behest , protection and love from her father. At the age of
17 , college times she became a brave woman and decided to join beauty pageants through her
journey she already won 2 crowns and one runner up place in a competition then lastly she was
bestowed upon a beauty queen ambassadorship from an International magazine.
Presently in her 20’s she learned a lot of wisdom in life and found a purpose. She made her first
online food business and built a food stall for the police camps. And she joins forces with
businessmen and gets connected to the government , a mission for her citizens to avoid
poverty. She developed a trait of awareness and civic consciousness.
On the year of 2018 she got inclined to do something more , she volunteered to help get more
donations for United Nations of the UNCHR the crisis for Marawi city and it was indeed a
successful donations.
Right now she knows this is her best forte to showcase her ideas ,intelligence, confidence and
charm to be equipped to the world.
She is a nurturing beauty queen wholeheartedly ready for what it takes to be the next Miss
United Nations 2023.

Life ambitions:

My life ambition is to be one of the powerful women in making strong investments for the people
such as massive transit ,solar and a foundation for the voice of the voiceless. And as a
businesswoman , I would like to propose a mentorship and rise the encouragement to young
women to start building their own business and plan their assets.Since I’m in the process of
meetings and associating with private sectors I would like all these projects to be granted. I
need to be the top tier woman to solve countries issues and problem .I definitely want to be a
spokesperson or an ambassador of the Department of Railways or Department of Energy. Plus
to have my own advocacy for those people who in need to transform their life in better living. I
will still continue to serve the community and to be purpose-driven for them whenever I win or
lose the competition.

Volunteer / Charity Work:
Valenzuela City Police Station helping the poorest of the poor Advocacy support .
Pageant Coach Training online a one candidate at Mutya ng Pinoy Mongolia 2018. ( Winner)
Volunteered to be a spokesperson to approach/ donate funds via private sector for United
Nations (UNCHR) for Marawi Crisis 2018
Interviewed the candidates from Mutya ng Norala 2017 for the World Class Beauty Queen
Magazine and Chairwoman of the Judges.

Why did you enter the pageant?
I entered the pageant because I‘m a fighter and I believe I can win any crowns in this
competition. And if ever given a chance to be the first Filipina beauty queen to be in this
pageant ,I will promote Miss United Nations as a phenomenal ,nurturing standard type of
pageant that grace , true beauty and nobility exist and to encourage my other Filipinas to be part
of this opportunity. Overall I will be the one to lead and empower.

Which world leader inspires you?

I’m inspired by our former President of the Philippines Rodrigo Roa Duterte, he’s an outstanding
leader especially his administration is simply doing more in actions like abolishing the corruption
in the government and also the fast phase he did to survive the people of the Philippines during
the pandemic.He made the country safe from sickness and care for the living. Until now his
help of the state of calamity is still present this year and this is how I applaud him as a noble

What do you like about the host country Florida, US?

As a first timer going to Florida, if perhaps to be one of the official candidates I heard that
Florida is known as the best weather state in America and a great tourist spot for soul
searching. Besides the weather , the seafood pasta meal is in demand.Since the pageant will be
held at Fort Lauderdale it would be the most luxurious and essential competition ever this year.
It will definitely be a grandiose experience of a place to compete and most of all to enjoy.
I am tremendously excited for this opportunity to go and compete at Florida!