Selena Tiola Johnson


  • Name: Selena Tiola Johnson
  • Age: 20
  • Occupation: Customer Service Representative
  • Height: 5 feet 7 inches
  • Hobbies: Reading novels, swimming, watching reality shows and crime investigation movies, riding bicycle.



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  • Biography: Selena Johnson is a conscientious young lady born to Ivy West and Trevor Johnson on the 9th of December 2002. Born and raised in the parish of St. Catherine, she is a proud past graduate of the famous St. Catherine High School with eleven (11) cxc subjects with all grades I and II passes. Selena is an active student of the Monroe College and an assiduous member of the Heartsease Community Center. She is the oldest for her mom of five (5) children and an inspiring role model to all her siblings. She is a hardworking and dynamic young woman who aspires to be the best version of herself and the most admired leader for her younger siblings who look up to her. Her key characteristic is her agile ability to bounce back from adversities. She has the tendency to use her down falls and struggles in life as stepping stones to achieve her dreams. What makes Selena unique is her special blend of spirituality and her independent business logics. Born into a family of brilliant entrepreneurs she is obsessed with all the little details, more specifically the broad spectrum of business logistics; inclusive of non-profit organizations and entrepreneurships among others. She is highly intrigued and excited about all the business world has to offer and the number of persons and organizations she will be able to assist and develop through her work. She strives to become a positive motivator for not only her peers but also to every other female, trying to make a difference in this world.


  • Life Ambition: My life ambition is to be the best version of myself I can possibly be. I also intend to open my own business in the field of cosmetology in the aspect of grooming and treating the hair, nails and skin care. I aspire to opening and developing a program or a non-profit organization to assist other persons, especially young persons, in developing and enhancing a skill of their choice to better themselves.
  • Volunteer / Charity Work: I volunteered as a Librarian at the Pear Tree River Primary School in St. Thomas for about a year after high school. I am also an active member of the Heartsease Community Center in Yallahs. On my days off or generally in my free time you can find me there assisting persons, especially youths, whether its with school work, classes, having a meal, or when we have events, whether back to school or general game days, setting up and monitoring just to ensure everything is on the right track.
  • Why did you enter the pageant? I’ve always wanted to join a pageant ever since I was a toddler and watching princess cartoons and pageants. Growing up and having my cousin who was a pageant princess as one of my role models, showed me that dreams are real and they do come through. I’ve watched her entered many pageants and she would always tell me that there are many ways that you can reach out to other young ladies and this platform is one and a good one to assist in doing so. I then knew from there that pageant is the way I wanted to go. I want to be the voice for other females without one and also help them find that voice and this platform is a great way to do so.
  • Which world leader inspire you? The world leader who inspires me the most is the well known, famous Oprah Winfrey. The reason for this is that I admire how much of a strong woman she is and even when life threw so many curve balls at her she still managed and constantly picked herself up and kept pushing, becoming a better, healthier version of herself and pursuing what she wanted to achieve.
  • What do you like about host country USA? What I like about the country is that it’s a very diverse country with a mixture of so many cultures so everyone can always have that feeling of home and content whenever they’re there.
  • Favorite Food: Jerked chicken


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