Mars Pakistan United Nations -Nida khan


Name:    Nida khan
Age:  28
Occupation:      Model actress host event Organizer businesswoman investor reporter
Height:  5:7
Hobbies:   read a novel in good place with cup of coffee and explore the place and helping the people


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  • Life Ambition:   To become a super star and a role model of new generation
  • Volunteer / Charity Work:  I had a a lot of charity work in my country because Pakistan’s people need a help
  • Why did you enter the pageant?     I entered the pageant to profound my self worthy enough to represent to Pakistannnn
  • Which world leader inspire you?      Bhutto he’s the Pakistani leader
  • What do you like about host country ? culture
  • Favorite Food:   Vegetarian Pakistani Food I just love healthy food


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