Okolo Vanessa Chizzirim- Miss Africa United Nations 2023

  • Name: Okolo Vanessa Chizzirim
  • Age: 21
  • Occupation: beauty queen & actor
  • Height: 5.10 ft
  • Hobbies: listening to music & helping others


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  • Biography: BSC holder in Biochemistry,from Enugu state University of science and technology
  • Life Ambition: biggest NGO owner and A unique beauty queen.
  • Volunteer / Charity Work: vimzelle_charity foundation
  • Why did you enter the pageant? I did see the pageant as a golden opportunity for me to create awareness on climate change ,what it is, it’s cause , how it affect mankind , our ecosystem and to be able to connect with people of same like mind to make our planet Earth a sustainable place and reach out to those that have been affected by climate change.
  • Which world leader inspire you? My mom
  • What do you like about host country USA? USA has always been one country on my to go list, its amazing to be here because it’s a beautiful city filled with colors, lots of food and adventures
  • Favorite Food: fried rice with goat meat and spicy pepper soup.


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