Mazika McDermott- Miss Jamaica United Nations 2023


  • Name: Mazika McDermott
  • Age: 24 yrs
  • Occupation: Community Development Officer, Poultry farmer and Model
  • Height: 5’8
  • Hobbies: I enjoy cooking, baking, spending time outdoors and reading personal development books.
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  • Biography: Mazika McDermott is an empathetic, creative, resourceful and humble 24 years old woman, from the beautiful banana parish of St. Mary, Jamaica. As a little girl and an only child, she enjoyed assisting her mother with their poultry farm, baking, climbing trees, and pretending to be a TV host on her imaginary programme called “things and time change”.  Mazika pursued a bachelors of Science Degree in Customs Processes Freight-Forwarding and Immigration at the Caribbean Maritime University.
  • Her advocacy centers around championing the cause of cancer in honor of her late uncle, and also creating a platform which is devoted to youth mentorship and development, through the Anchor Friends Foundation which she cofounded. She recently used her birthday to give back to a primary school in her community, as this is something which makes her heart smile and she finds great pleasure in.
  • Mazika is currently a Community Development Officer at the Social Development Commission, and most recently the reigning Miss Jamaica United Nations. She aims to use her platform to continue to promote her advocacy, give of her service and make a difference on a wider platform.
  • Life Ambition: To become a woman of value and substance to the world, a woman who continues to promote nation building and one who takes pride in giving of service, in addition to that she aspires to be an actress one day or TV personality.
  • Volunteer / Charity Work: My voluntary service centers around championing the cause of cancer and as such I’d always support cancer run initiative and have created a mentorship programme through the Anchor Friends Foundation which I cofounded.  In addition to that, my advocacy also centers around uplifting and mentoring young children, by going into schools and talking with them about life experiences and the importance of following their passion. I oftentimes assist and spearhead their annual school Pageants, which helps them to build confidence and personally develop themselves, while gaining lifelong experiences. Every year on my birthday I carry out a treat for a selected school, last year 2022, I gave back to the Scotts Hall Primary school, located in St. Mary Jamaica and they were most grateful.
  • Why did you enter the pageant?  This pageant is in alignment with my belief and purpose. I’ve always aspired to be apart of a pageant that not only showcases physical beauty but, that of purpose, charity, community development and nation building. This pageant gives persons an opportunity to bring what they have to the table, their authenticity, and acknowledgement of their work being done despite where they are from.
  • Which world leader inspire you?  Dr. Terri-Karelle Reid as always been an inspiration to me, she is multifaceted and she proves that you can do it all, with proper planning and preparation. She is the embodiment of beauty, purpose and class. She stands up for what she believes in, and she does it in a way that is classy and respectful. Terri-Karelle is a strong advocate for youth and women’s empowerment, environmentally-conscious sustainable development, and social justice.
  • What do you like about host State Florida? Florida is the destination for amazing vacation, warm weather and beautiful beaches.I love how diverse USA is, the home of the melting pot. It’s a beautiful country and it is said to be the land of amazing opportunities!
  • Favorite Food: Nothing nice to me like a nice plate of salt fish rundung with banana, yam and sweet potatoes and lets not forget a nice plate of Ackee and Salt fish with fried dumplings!


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