Jamaica- Orion J. J. Gayle

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Name: Orion J. J. Gayle
Age: 15
Occupation: Student
Height: 5′ 7″
Hobbies: Swimming, basketball and netball
Biography: I am Orion Gayle a soon to be 16 year old high school student from Jamaica. I am selfless, caring, self-assured, outgoing and charitable. I am a  very fast visual learner who is a lover of sports.
Life Ambition: Attorney-At-Law
Volunteer / Charity Work: My Father’s House and Shake Hope
Why did you enter the pageant? I entered this pageant not only to improve myself but to network with people from across the world to assist with my charity work and help other young ladies to aspire to become more than they dream.
Which world leader inspires you? The world leader that inspired me the most is Jamaica’s first female Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller who obtained her first degree at a late age became of her determination and never taking no for an answer.  She is also a very strong, loving and caring individual who will do anything for her people.
What do you like about the host country India? Culture, people and their temples.
Favorite Food: pizza and tastee patty