Dr.Anjali Sandeep Awate Mrs. Asia Charity 2023


  • Name: Dr. Anjali Sandeep Awate
  • Age: 39 yrs
  • Occupation: By profession I am an Ayurved Physician, Cosmetologist and Trichologist doctor. Director and Owner of
  • Dr. Anjali’s Rejuvna Skin, hair, laser, Gynae clinic and
  • Shatayu Ayurved Panchakarma Centre
  • Winner Mrs. India Pride 2022
  • Winner Mrs. Maharashtra Smart Queen 2019
  • Height: 5.3 inches
  • Hobbies: I love dancing, I like to play cricket, was captain of Doctor’s women team for 2 yrs, like to play badminton, trekking, I am fascinated @rampwalk and beauty pageants, I also like to do anchoring..
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  • Biography: I am mother of a beautiful 14 yrs old daughter and a notorious 10 yrs old son. Since childhood had a dream to become a doctor, which I did accomplish and pursuing the same with passion to make people look and feel beautiful from inside -out .With this I use to take out Lil time to destress myself by participating in various cultural events like dancing, anchoring and hence I started liking to be on stage., Later after seeing a beauty pageant it fascinated me and I participated a show and won it too and now aspiring more…
  • Life Ambition:
  • To become the best cosmetologist and trichologist with modern as well as ayurvedic treatment modalities to give more promising & long lasting results which gives confidence that age is just a number you can look and feel younger and more beautiful at any age.
  • To host and conduct a grand national pageant
  • To help poor kid’s and old age people by starting a NGO to provide them food and shelter.
  • Want to make India plastic free a small step from my side to save our environment..
  • Food for animals , water for bird’s before some of them get extinct.
  • Free medical checkup camp whenever and wherever possible for poor and needy people
  • Volunteer / Charity Work:
  •  Have taken various free health checkup plans
  •  Free informative and awareness lectures at local level in colleges, camps, schools…
  • I had participated in a online campaign where I did awareness for making India Diabetic free .This campaign was conducted all over India by our association.
  • Free health checkup and free medicine distribution at most religious procession of Maharashtra like Ashadhi Wari..
  • Why did you enter the pageant? I want to enjoy this journey as it is totally different and very challenging, different in the context that it is just not about showcase your beauty or ramp walk but with this it is to make you empowered and watch yourself change to a better, compatible person than before. Details about this pageant made me realize that with beauty and brain this platform acknowledges your social work as well and gives purpose to my life that I also owe something back to the society and keep motivating me for continuing the same.
  • Which world leader inspire you?
  • What do you like about host country India? I am a proud Indian, it gives me immense pleasure to describe by nations beauty and strength. India is well known for its rich cultural heritage, diverse traditions, unique festivals, vibrant colors, delicious sweets and mouthwatering cuisine . Several tourist destinations such as the Taj Mahal , the Golden Temple and the Himalayan mountain ranges attract tourists from all over the world.  Moreover, India is the only country which showcases such a great unity in diversity. People from different religions, languages, and ethnicities reside together in peace and harmony. In recent years India has taken leaps of success and progress in areas such as technology, science, economic growth and poverty reduction.
  • Favorite Food: Typical Maharashtrian spicy dishes also non vegetarian food as Chicken Biryani, prawns koliwada


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