Davia “Diversia” Ellis – Ms. Jamaica United Nations 2023



  • Name: Davia “Diversia” Ellis
  • Age: 31 yrs
  • Occupation: Creative Facilitator and Trainer
  • Height: 5’6
  • Hobbies: writing, singing, dressing like myself, code-switching, designing, coaching, singing, generating ideas, performance acting
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  • Biography: A multi-passionate queen, I Davia “Diversia” Ellis serves as Ms. Jamaica United Nations 2023 and is a creative health educator, trainer, educator, writer, singer and speaker. Since 2008, I’ve enjoyed being a psychoeducation practitioner when I began the journey to later complete my Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. I am a Masters in Business and Corporate Communications, and I enjoy being a life-long learner in the journalism, music, and well-being industry. I’m always a student, But in my younger years, all I could see was a little girl who grew to feel stuck and paralyzed by her potential, and almost equally weighing interests. I noticed how this little girl, a valedictorian, scholarship recipient, and public speaker served her community assiduously. This little girl, me, was very comfortable addressing the largest physical audiences available, as well as reading or singing. However, I struggled with smaller things like receiving a compliment about my skills or talents. After all, they felt like hobbies, and they were always a reminder that I was stuck and wasting my life. In 2017, when I moved to Colombia for about a year, I chose to accept a multidirectional career path as opposed to a one-directional path which was often romanticized.
  • Life Ambition: My life ambition is to continue creating or aiding in the development of relaxing, artistic spaces where mental health success can be facilitated and treated like physical healing or wellness, that is, with less stigma and discrimination. I applaud leaders and institutions who have allowed me to lead or support, whether by singing, presenting, writing, hosting or training, or counseling at a: staff development session, nutrition conference, global teachers conference, health fair, master trainer workshop, and such.
  • Volunteer/ Charity Work: 1. I volunteer at Terapia Circle as a creative health educator and group facilitator since 2019. My fondest experiences involve singing and hosting therapeutic karaoke sessions, moderating health fairs, designing psychoeducational materials, awarding mental health advocates and planning and executing retreats. Undoubtedly, the efforts and support of health and family life educators, doctors, counselors, educators, development specialists, and security personnel’s, peer support and interns is extremely valuable.  I also volunteer with the Ministry of Justice Jamaica as a restorative justice practioner and as a trainer at Ministry of Education.


  • Why did you enter the pageant? Discussions to have my song played at a pageant opened the way for me to consider performing then becoming the official designate of Jamaica for the Ms. United Nations World Finals. Overall, I entered the pageant as a means of tackling myths centered around romanticizing the career path of a specialist to better encourage multipotentialities or generalists to never stop exploring. As a multipotentialities, I switch gears between teaching and training, writing and journalism, coaching and counseling, or hosting and entertaining.
  • Which world leader inspire you? Nelson Mandela inspires me. His worldview encompasses a traditional African ideology known as “ubuntu”. This ideology is concerned with people. It is about the shared connection which unites all people. Undoubtedly, I can say “”ubuntu”- I am because we are I am travelled because previous colleagues and coworkers have paid for my trips overseas. I am creative because I learned in my educational upbringing and from an early age that being original, different, or even the odd one out is okay.
  • What do you like about host country India? I like many aspects of ayurveda, an ancient Indian medical system. This include use of massage, yoga, and herbal medicine. I practice guided meditations and breathing activities with my child and adult students and trainees. I feel connected to Indian for this and believe there is so much for me to learn. Moreover, for over seven years now, I have managed to reversed symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux through ayurvedic practices; it has made a great difference in my life. Taking a “natural” and holistic approach to our health and well-being has many benefits. Balancing how I help myself and others matters.
  • Favourite Food: I like a variety of fruits and nuts and Jamaican dishes, including ackee and saltfish, jerked chicken, curried fish in coconut sauce and stewed peas..


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