Bhushita Ahuja- Miss Teen India United Nations 2023


  • Name:  Bhushita Ahuja
  • Age: 18 years
  • Occupation: Student
  • Height: 5’4
  • Hobbies: Chess, travel, fashion, swimming
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  • Biography: Bhushita Ahuja is an ambitious 18 year old, currently studying Management at The University of Warwick. She is an international chess player, having previously represented India in Czech Republic and The United States. She is the Author of the book, ‘Open Your Wardrobe for Answers’ which is based on Clothing Psychology and she is a social media influencer with over 18k+ followers on Instagram. She runs her foundation ‘Samvedna’ through which she has been able to teach 750+ underprivileged kids chess and she hopes that she can be a successful entrepreneur in the near future.
  • Life Ambition: To empower and uplift minorities through sports and education
  • Volunteer / Charity Work: Co-founder of Samvedna Foundation, teach chess to underprivileged sections of the society
  • Why did you enter the pageant? To express my views, thoughts and beliefs on a global platform, to connect with individuals with similar goals and to test my confidence and performance capability
  • Which world leader inspires you? Swami Vivekananda
  • What do you like about host country India? Its culture diversity, rich heritage, food variety and spiritualism
  • Favorite Food: Malai Kofta made by my grandmother


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