Abubakar Usman Siyaka – Mr Nigeria United Nations 2023


  • NAME: Abubakar Usman Siyaka
  • AGE: 25
  • OCCUPATION: Makeup Specialist
  • HEIGHT: 6ft.1
  • HOBBIES: Singing, Voluntary to Charity, Traveling And Staying Informed.


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  • BIOGRAPHY: Abubakar Usman Siyaka born on the 7th of may 1998 is a graduate of environmental health from college of health technology Cross River State, Nigeria. An industrious entrepreneur solely into Beauty artistry as a makeup specialists and Youth empowerment. His 25years old and has extensive experience in unusual and innovative arts. His recent activities in the beauty industry includes: Makeup/Gele artistry, Bridal hair styling etc.
  • His accoladed as entrepreneur of the year and best Beauty artist in the followings just to mention a few:
  • *Niger Delta achievers award.
  • * South-South campus awards.
  • * Goldtouch Distinguished entrepreneurs award.
  • *Calabar entrepreneurs merit award.
  • Abubakar.U.siyaka is the current winner of Mr Nigeria international 2023.
  • LIFE AMBITION: My life ambition is to working with top firms in the beauty industry in advertisement and production in the world and most importantly being able to building an emporium which empowers millions…
  • VOLUNTEER/CHARITY WORK: Child’s Hero Initiative in donation of school sandals & school bags to less privileged kids, groceries/books & toys.
  • WHY DID YOU ENTER THE PAGEANT?: I feel this platform will give me a wider reach in making a difference in the society and placing priorities right in nation building changing the narratives of self growths, and exploring the world.
  • WHICH WORLD LEADER INSPIRE YOU: Martin Luther king Jr (1929-1968)
  • WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT HOST COUNTRY INDIA?: India has the largest democracy in the world, Good medical facilities and improved advancement in technology…
  • FAVORITE FOOD: Samosa & spaghetti


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