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Little Miss United Nations 2016 Chloe Russo

Little Miss United Nations 2016 Chloe Russo

Title: Little Miss United Nations 2016

Pageant: United Nations Pageant

Age: 12

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Hobbies: Competitive gymnastics, guitar, watching funny YouTube videos, Kung fu, Girl Scouts

Platform: Kids CAN Make a Difference

Contact information: russowendi@yahoo.com

Years competed: 5

Countries visited: Jamaica

Likes: Pizza and sushi, exotic seafood, watching movies with my family, cuddling with my white Persian kitty Jo Jo, laughing with my friends, people who are kind to kids with disabilities, gymnastics

Dislikes: mustard, people who don’t laugh at my jokes,  people who exclude others, the cafeteria food at my school

World Class Beauty Queens would like to welcome outstanding young Queen and role model Little Miss United Nations 2016 Chloe Russo.

World Class Beauty Queens: Hello Chloe, thank you for taking the time to Interview with us.  Tell us about yourself.

Chloe: I am a 6th grader and love to compete in Gymnastics Gold competitions!  My favorite celebrity is Simone Biles, USA Olympic Gold Gymnast because she inspires me to believe in myself and she conquers her fears through confidence.  I am a 2nd degree purple belt in Kung Fu with a goal of being a black belt one day.  I love to hang out with the new kids at my school to make them feel better and I think I’m a great person to be around when you’re sad because you can talk to me about anything. 

World Class Beauty Queens: I think you have the most beautiful crown in the world.  Tell us what you love about it?  

Chloe: I love how it’s so unique compared to other crowns I’ve seen and it has different gemstones which represents each personality trait I have-it’s very unique!

World Class Beauty Queens:  What does the title Little Miss United Nations mean to you? 

Chloe: It means being bold and courageous.  Not many people have the confidence to go for different things they’ve always wanted to do.   It means that I can encourage kids around the world to try to make a difference in their country and realize that they have a voice!

World Class Beauty Queens: For such a young Queen you have a huge heart.  

Chloe: I know that I’m very lucky and that other kids don’t have the same opportunities or things that I may have, and I want every child to feel special and happy.  My mom says I have a huge heart and I have always wanted to help people who need it.

World Class Beauty Queens: You were awarded Presidential Volunteer Service Gold award for 3 years running.  That’s a huge accomplishment for anyone.  How did you do that and how does it make you feel? 

Chloe: I am very proud of this accomplishment because it’s over 100 hours of service each year and not many kids get an opportunity to earn this award! I feel like I am making a true difference and that I am leading by example with other kids.   I kept track of my hours throughout the year of volunteering like raising money for Children’s Cancer Research,  Walk for Wishes,  Volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club,  Operation Christmas Child, Raised awareness about the Monarch Butterfly population and lots more!

World Class Beauty Queens: You fund raise to give back to charities.  Tell us how do you fund raise, how much do you raise and who do you donate to?

Chloe: At the Gillette Children’s hospital I sold raffle tickets and went around to all of the adults at the event.  I sold the most tickets out of anyone raising over $1200! I also raise money every June for Children’s cancer research with my lemonade stand. I sell pink and yellow lemonade and homemade cupcakes and cookies and I have gotten a lot of media interviews and coverage which has helped more people learn about my lemonade stand and come to support it each year. I have raised over $8100 over the last five years.

I have also raised over $1200 for Make-A-Wish foundation which helps to grant wishes to kids who are diagnosed with a illness with my annual walking team.

World Class Beauty Queens: Lets focus on the competition.  What was the first thing that impressed you about United Nations Pageant? 

Chloe: I loved meeting people from all around the world who I would normally not have an opportunity to meet and I loved how welcoming everybody was to our family no matter what our backgrounds or cultures.

World Class Beauty Queens: What were you judged on and how did you prepare for the competition?  

Chloe: I prepared by praying and believing in myself–I was judged on my fitness modeling routine where I did a cart wheel in high heels! And in my gown, fashion fun wear and interview. My mom encouraged me to do the cart wheel in heels, even though I was nervous, I did it! My mom also reminded me of all of the good things that I have done for other people so that I could remember them for interview. I also helped out during the cooking competition at the Christian boys home, we won!  It was also fun to buy the boys a new bike with my mom to donate to the orphans.

World Class Beauty Queens:  Every princess needs a gown, tell us about yours. 

Chloe: My gown was like a fairy tale gown- off the shoulder champagne with beads on the bodice and a white skirt with gold sparkle on the tulle overlay. It was by Tiffany and I felt like a princess in it!

World Class Beauty Queens:  Were you nervous during the competition? 

Chloe: I was because I wasn’t sure if the judges would like me and I’ve never competed in another country before.

World Class Beauty Queens: What was your reaction when you heard your name as a winner? 

Chloe: I was really excited because my mom had already been crowned Mrs. United Nations and I thought it was going to be so cool to be mother/daughter Queens!

World Class Beauty Queens: Tell us what was the most exciting part of the competition for you?  

Chloe: It was really exciting to be on stage and I love seeing everyone’s costumes and them performing on stage! I love the modeling portion so every time it was my turn, I had a lot of fun!

World Class Beauty Queens:  Who is going to be your lifetime friend from the competition? 

Chloe: Miss Teen USA Shauwna – she was so nice and like a sister to me- and supportive!

World Class Beauty Queens:  What does the crown and sash symbolizes to you?

Chloe: The crown and sash symbolizes serving and helping others. I like that this title makes a difference not just in my area but also internationally as well.

World Class Beauty Queens: What do people say when they see your title and learn about all your accomplishments? 

Chloe: They usually say “Wow! I haven’t accomplished this much and I’m older than you! and that I’m a very kind-hearted girl and will accomplish many things  when I grow up!”

World Class Beauty Queens:  How did competing in pageants helped your life? 

Chloe: I have gained a lot of confidence by doing pageants, even when I am scared I practice and do my best and luckily I have had a lot of success in Pageants.  I learned to be confident when giving a presentation in front of a class or when am auditioning for a part at school– I was voted Vice President for my Choir at school and people thought I would be responsible and fun.

World Class Beauty Queens:  What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? 

Chloe: I want to inspire kids to never be afraid to be BIG and to do amazing things around the world .  They can make a difference in their community at any age – even just by doing something nice for someone else.

World Class Beauty Queens: What appearances have you done in 2016 with your title?  

Chloe: I helped to make fleece blankets for the homeless at the holidays, volunteered for the fire fighters for healing fundraiser and I helped sell raffle tickets for the Gillette Children’s Hospital selling the most raffle tickets of anybody, raising over $1200 that night and packed boxes with presents for Operation Christmas Child and wrote Holiday cards for the soldiers fighting overseas.

World Class Beauty Queens: What plans do you have as Little Miss United Nations in 2017?

Chloe: I am going to raise money for Make-A-Wish with my walking team called “Queens for Dreams” again this year for wishes for kids who are terminally ill, I am also holding my annual lemonade stand in June to raise money for Children’s Cancer Research with a goal of $1900 and  my mom and I have plans to hold 2 Free Inner Beauty Pageants this spring for the little girls at the Boys and Girls clubs.

World Class Beauty Queens: Would you like to say few words to your mom for all her help in your life.  

Chloe: I would like to say “I love you” and I appreciate everything you do for me. You are a great friend and are always there for me.   I love your weird, spunky personality-you inspire me to do great things, you comfort me and cheer for me in gymnastics, you believe in me and knew I had potential in becoming a great gymnast and getting straight A’s.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine would like to say thank you to Little Miss United Nations 2016, Chloe Russo for this amazing interview.  Thank you for the honor of being a part of your beautiful Magazine!

Chloe Russo 

Little Miss United Nations 2016 Chloe Russo and her mom Mrs United Nations 2016 Wendy Russo

Little Miss United Nations 2016 Chloe Russo and her mom Mrs United Nations 2016 Wendy Russo

Little Miss United Nations 2016 Chloe Russo and her mom Mrs United Nations 2016 Wendy Russo

Little Miss United Nations 2016 Chloe Russo and her mom Mrs United Nations 2016 Wendy Russo and dad

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