Name three words or phrases that best describe you: Honesty, Commitment, Human Welfare,Hard Work + God = Success

Name three different words or phrases that you think someone else would use to describe you: Humbled, Trustworthy, Born for Humanitarian Work

Describe any special talents that you may possess: I am an IT Computer Architect, Actor, Model, Bollywood Dancer, and International Model of the Year from New York Fashion Awards

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be and why? Spend less money on shopping

Where do you see yourself in 10 years and how do you plan to get there? As a fashion come IT Technocrat, want collaborate Science, Fashion, Entertainment for human betterment.“I am a World Citizen, everyone is my own Kith and Kin”

How did you get started doing community service projects and activities? Community service is something inherited from my family ancestors. Every year we donate school books,food, clothing, free marriage and temple work in our village.

How much time do you currently devote to volunteerism? At least 2-3 days a week

How do you usually find the community service projects and activities that you participate in within your community? My self-participation in community, Our Community knows about my Humanitarian work and invites me every time for help.

What was your favorite community service project and why? Describe what value you think you brought to the project. Every year during my Birthday celebrations I donate and raise funds for Charity foundations. For example in 2015 raised funds for Diya Foundation – Save a Child foundation

How do you plan to use your title to help others within your community? I strongly believe with this title not only help in own community but even across globe. Raise awareness for Human empowerment and create a revolution in education system.

Describe why you think you would be the best representative of ….. United Nations Pageants LLC as ………….United Nations 2015? Promise to be the best fit as representative of United Nations Pageants as had won 5 other pageants till date and set an example for youth by human welfare activities. Also Past representatives had proven themselves in their arena and I am inspired to follow their foot steps.


Prakash Patil won the most coveted title “Mr. UNITED NATIONS 2016” at United Nations Pageants World Finals 2016

Who says miracles don’t materialize? Prakash Patil is the true living example of passion, commitment, humanity and inspiration to the young generation. Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

Extraordinary talented and handsome International Model/Actor/ Software Engineer – Prakash Patil was nominated as Mr. USA from USA at United Nations Pageant World finals and brought home the winning title the “MR. United Nations 2016”. Pageant was held in Knutsford Court Hotel, Kingston, Jamaica country with contestants participating from many different countries across the world.

The United Nations Pageant has been conceptualized as a prestigious international event, bringing together representatives of a wide range of communities and cultures from all over the Globe; from the world’s most culturally diverse state, our delegates aim to share common values and foster international friendship and understanding. The pageant’s principal objective is to identify and showcase the world’s best tourism cause ambassadors; those who have the skills, talents and personalities best suited to promote their respective countries in furtherance of tourism, international goodwill and cultural harmony. Apart from a strong emphasis on goodwill tourism protection programs and destinations promotion.

Prakash was judges on different rounds namely High Fashion Wear, National Costume, Evening wear, Sportswear and Interview (Question and Answer) and charity work. During Interview round Prakash articulated with excellent social and conversational skills. He expressed himself clearly, diplomatically, and projected a pleasant personality, and approachable at all times. At National costume he worn outstanding Shervani (Sponsored by Vasavi Collections) a national symbols/heritage of his country. Prakash dignified spirit, energy, creativity and the own personal interpretation with sense of style. In Fashion Wear round Prakash had enlightening costume (Sponsored by Designer Mischka Velesco),his fashion  & style on the runway was memorizing. He won Best High Fashion Award.



He is very well-renowned and

commercially successful model as compared to other Indian Models in USA.

He has accomplished so much in such a short span of time

He is very well-renowned and

commercially successful model as compared to other Indian Models in USA.

He has accomplished so much in such a short span of time

Prakash had worked on main stream American Modeling runway such as Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Couture New York Fashion Week, NYC Fashion Week, IIFA preview runway, Brooklyn Fashion Week and had been show stopper for high scale designers.  Prakash has been featured in top notch magazines like Floss magazine, Moetic Magazine, Alizé La Vie Magazine, Vicissitude Magazine, Black Tie International Magazine, etc.

The recent title of Mr. United Nations has undoubtedly added another feather in his already decorated cap, which gives a moment of pride, not just to Prakash but to each and every one of us. Patil stands out from other models; because he has expanded his brand into other forms of entertainment, is professional under any and all circumstances; has incredible talent, class, and poise. Prakash is known not only for being attractive but also for knowing how to work all the angles.

In addition, his talent, skill, looks; accomplishments, personal traits, and overall brand make him commercially more marketable and most successful amongst his Indian Model Peers in the USA.

As an Actor Prakash played a lead role in music video album for famous Bollywood singers Shreya Ghoshal and Pankaj Kumar which has more than 164,0000 views on youtube. Patil played a unique role as actor in films like The Other Side of New York, Spices of Liberty, They always Win and currently Brand ambassador for Lejubon Ties.

Prakash’s air fare around trip was sponsored by Aeroworld travel agency ( and is one of best travel agency to make your travel destinations a great pleasure.

The humble and soft-spoken Prakash gives all the credit of his success to his parents who live in India and Special thanks to Mr. Leon Williams (CEO & President of United Nations Pageants).  After winning the most coveted title of Mr. United Nations, Prakash adds, “I wish to thank everyone for giving me such a great opportunity to showcase my talent across the globe. It is a great moment of glory as I am honored at such a prestigious event in front of such illustrious guests. I look forward to using this opportunity to achieve greater heights and giving back to those who have showered their love on me and believed in me. I will utilize my achievements for the welfare of people in the world and towards world peace”.  You can find Prakash on most of the social networking sites:


Instagram: @ModelPrakash