Name: Barrington Bucknor

Title:    Mr. Teen United Nations Jamaica

Name three words or phrases that best describe you. Innovate, persistent, flexible

Name three different words or phrases that you think someone else would use to describe you. Jovial, motivational, adaptive

Describe any special talents that you may possess. I am currently unaware of any special talents that I may possess. However, have I been told that I have a soothing voice while singing.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be and why? If I could change one thing about myself it would be my strive for perfection, which as lead to my down fall on numerous occasions.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years and how do you plan to get there? Within the next 10 years I see myself operating my own business and working as one of the most recommended dermatologist in the Caribbean. However, my goals my change within the distant future because I believe that life is too short to limit my possibilities.

 How did you get started doing community service projects and activities? I got started doing community service projects and activities while apart of the School Challenge Quiz Club at my previous High School, where we were thought how to be well rounded individuals.

How much time do you currently devote to volunteerism?  I current volunteer at the Salvation Army school for the blind once per week where I assist some the visually impaired student with the homework or any task that they are posed with.

How do you usually find the community service projects and activities that you participate in within your community? Within the community that I currently reside. Major or minor community based projects are normally displayed at the entrance for everyone to view upon entering the community.
What was your favorite community service project and why? Describe what value you think you brought to the project. My favorite community service project to date is the implementation of a basic school of children within and around the community to attend all throughout the year. Being a part of that project I thought I brought a hint of creativity in establishing the decorum and the overall atmosphere of how a productive environment should feel, being that am a child at heart.

 How do you plan to use your title to help others within your community? I plan on using my title with the help of my peers to communicate more effectively with the individuals of my community. This is due to the fact that I am a fellow resident and can relate to the concerns and worries posed by individual at community meetings. Wearing the title of Mr. Teen United Nations will show individuals that I am capable of allocating scarce resources in providing a safe environment and a mutual respect between persons of all class, race and ethnic group for generations to come.

Describe why you think you would be the best representative of ….. United Nations Pageants LLC as ………….United Nations 2015? I think that I would be the best representative of the United Nations Pageants LLC as Mr. Teen United Nations because I am a well rounded individual that will stop at nothing in ensuring that Jamaica’s vision for 2030 is achieved.  

Mr Teen United Nations 2015