Public Advisory/Scam Alert Caller

//Public Advisory/Scam Alert Caller

Public Advisory/Scam Alert Caller

United Nations Pageants is advising National Directors,Contestants, Sponsors ,Family and Fans to be on the alert for scam callers or email, who are targeting clients under the pretence of being a media personality/judges or associated with us in the past.

It has been reported that these scam artists go the Name Ginger Halt,Micheal, Jessica ,Isabel and Elaine the following person impersonating Past Employees and calling United Nations Pageants clients informing them that they worked with us in 2009, United Nations Pageants has no affiliation, while asking Client, Sponsors and National Director for personal information and providing the targeted clients ask to join their Pageants. Pageants with proved track record since 1996 has no need to target other people Contestants, National Director and Sponsors.

L.N Williams, President at United Nations Pageants expressed, “We are extremely disappointed that persons would want to target the public in this manner.

United Nations Pageants wishes advice Contestants, National Director. Sponsors, Family and Fans should always take precautions before giving out personal information or complying with requests of this nature and so we are imploring the public to be extremely cautious about such calls” or email” If they contact you please let us know.

For information on the United Nations Pageants website at or email us:

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