World Class Kings Magazine would like to present to you Prakash Patil Mr United
Nations 2016.

Name: Prakash Patil
Title: Mr. United Nations 2016
Pageant: United Nations Pageants
Zodiac sign: Aries
Hobbies: Music, Dance, watching documentary movies
Platform: Child Labor/Abuse, Artist depression, protecting artists from scams etc
Years competed: 2
Countries visited: India USA Jamaica
Likes: Nature, Adventures
Dislikes: Bully
Status: Active

World Class Kings: Hello Prakash how are you doing today?
Prakash: Hello World Class Kings Magazine. I am doing well by god’s grace and peoples blessings.

World Class Kings: Please tell us about yourself.
Prakash: “I can summarize who I am in three words.” – Smart Worker, Creative and Humanitarian. I’d really describe myself as a person with a versatile skill-set, a lot of integrity and a willingness to go the extra mile to server and raise voice for needy ones. I am Indian American Actor/Model from Village named Pare Maharashtra India. Pursued Bachelors in Engineering from Pune University India and later Masters in Business Administration and Masters of Science in Managing Information Technology in USA. Always enjoyed music, dance and documentaries movies. To keep its short I am technocrat who has been collaborating Science, Entertainment and professional career for world peace. As a Model/Actor/ Charity worker, had recipient of numerous prestigious Awards/Honors including International Male Model of the Year from New York Fashion Awards, “Supermodel Icon of the Year" at Image Entertainment Distinctions Awards “Global Changers Honoree” from When In Need Foundation, “Talent of the Year” from Mirza Strategies & Public Relation Annual Award Ceremony, Citation from Nassau County State of New York Office of Executive recognizing as one of the outstanding individuals who render significant contributions for the enhancement of our region. The county of Nassau is proud to extend their commendation and honor for spirited leadership dedication and service for the community. “The Fashion Icon ofthe Year” from Model World Magazine at annual award function fashion avenue news in recognition of an Established fashion talent of the Entertainment Industry.

World Class Kings: What is your pageant history.
Prakash: Below are the Pageant History that I had won
Mr. United Nations
Mr. USA United Nations
Mr. India Galaxy
Mr. South Asian Prince USA

World Class Kings: To those that are unfamiliar with United Nations pageant please tell us what Mr United Nations title is about.
Prakash: This title is about integrity, International cultural respect delivering to the world and raise the voice to voiceless. The principal objective is to identify and showcase the world’s one of the best skills, talents and personalities best suited to promote countries in furtherance of tourism, international goodwill and cultural harmony.  Also aiming to supporting environmental protection via strategic approach and plans.

World Class Kings: During the competition you’ve done some amazing events.
Prakash: Cooking dinner for orphans, painting the school and other.  Please tell us your experience.  It was remarkable 2 weeks tenure spend in Kington, Jamaica. One should feel this experience at least once in lifetime representing your own country at International platform. This pageant had well planned schedule for the day right from woke up time till every night rehearsals. I cooked pasta pudding which is favorite Indian desert among International crowd. I purchased from my pocket money grocery items like 5-6 pasta packets, sugar, milk, honey, coconut , Indian spices etc.  Each contestant from different countries were cooking their favorite food recipes. Later we feed the Orphan kids, they all enjoyed and I was glad to see their faces happy.  It’s a cherishing moment. Not every day these kids are feed with various dishes, it was little Christmas dinner for them.  Other day we painted the walls of Christian boys home, though it was sunny day yet it went productive exercise. On the hand we got to spend quality amount of time with these kids, and eyes wouldn’t stop turning into tears listening their stories, how they become orphan. Kids were so approaching and communicating with due respect, completely made me feel humbled to the purpose why I choose this pageant.

World Class Kings: What does it mean to you to be Mr United Nations?
Prakash: Mr. United Nations for me means columns of responsibilities and duties with positive attitude. It does mean to serve for our community and up lift the word of peace to everyone. I love meeting new people – and from so many diverse countries. It was a truly unique experience, with so many countries represented.  I have had a life changing experience and I hope the same will be true for the next winner.

World Class Kings: What is your platform?
Prakash: Child Labor/Abuse, Artist depression, protecting artists from scams etc

World Class Kings: Tell us what were you judged on and how did you prepare yourself for it.
Prakash: I was judged by several rounds namely National Costume, High End Couture wear ,Western, Sportswear, charity work done, and questions and answers. I had modeled in high end shows like New York Fashion Week and was platinum certificated model, thereby was pretty confident to rock the stage. Unlike conventional runway walk, pageant have different way of expressing with good smile and approaching personality relating the audience in span of few seconds.  In the past, had won couple of pageants thus was mentally prepared how to work it out smartly with honesty. National Costume and high end Couture wear sponsored by well-known designers from New York namely Peal Hossain and Mischa Velesco. I had worked with them many times and they helped to get best out of me.
Questions & Answer round is key meat of the entire scoring – I am always an open book. Answered with sense of mind and righteousness in heart.
Sportswear – consistent working sessions for more than 9 months in fitness center. Western round I had purchased high end Texudo suit and walked elegantly on the stage.

World Class Kings: Tell us about your national costume?
Prakash: National Costume round audience were just screaming wow wow handsome Mr. USA. I was wearing the King size Shervani dress – its traditional & cultured Indian wear from India. Sherwani is a long coat resembling Achkan in styling and buttoned up to the collar and lengthwise it is usually below the knee. It adds to the charm and grace of men, especially the taller ones. The origin of Sherwani can be traced back in Central Asia during the times when it was the dress code of the Turkish and Persian nobles in the Delhi Sultanate and Mughal Empire.  Usually Indian men spend lavishly on buying the Sherwani suit for the special occasion of their wedding. The Sherwani suit fitted quite close to the body and this is what lends it elegance. Thus, fitting was of utmost importance, as it has the capability to make or mar the whole look. Shervani was sponsored by well-known designer Peal Hossain.

World Class Kings: How did it feel to hear your name as the winner?
Prakash: Somewhere I had a confidence that I will be announced as winner because of my hard work and sound preparation yet fingers crossed and heart was beating so fast. The moment I had my name as winner, felt now it’s the time to take more responsibilities and duties to carry as Mr. United Nations. It was a mesmerizing moment for me. I am from India origin, proudly represented as Mr. USA United Nations and finally won as Mr. United Nations. I was tears with happiness and full excited.

World Class Kings: What was the reaction when you came back home as Mr United Nations?
Prakash: Everyone was excited to see me coming home back. In fact my friends were waiting for my arrival in the airport with Banners and posters in hand. It incredible to see my well-wishers and fans supporting and making our humanity proud.  Everyone was appreciating, wishing good deeds, I felt very blessed and humbled.

World Class Kings: What kind of fun appearances have you done as Mr United Nations?
Prakash: I had been appearing in numerous TV channels, radio stations, public gatherings and social events. It was desire to introduce Mr. United Nations in larger level. In past I was walking on the runway and now attended as VIP guest for official New York Fashion Week. Served as Judge for Mr. Africa USA that was held in New York.
Special Appearance India Independence Day parade New York City, New York.  I was pleased as Mr. United Nations to provide contribution in the fashion Industry, involvement in entertainment field had undoubtedly benefit the arena of Indian American Arts Culture.  Every year this parade is organized by The Federation of Indian Associations (FIA) of the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut is one of the oldest and the largest nonprofit Umbrella Organization of the Indian Diaspora. Hundreds of thousands of people came together to celebrate their Indian Culture and to show their patriotism.  I was interviewed by International and National press, media to name a few Times Now, TV9, Sony TV, ITV, Awesome TV, TV 5 news etc. Special appearance At India Day Parade by Indo- American senior citizens of Hudson county, jersey city celebrating 70 th Anniversary of Indian Independence Day.  Supported Macy’s Menlo Park New Jersey Shop for a cause and raised funds for school kids in India. Donated books and clothing for student from village school in India. Created aware of child labor and importance of girl’s education through series of campaigns and working sessions in different villages. Modelled for Famous Bollywood Famous Designer Joya Mitra and helped raising funds for SKN foundation along with appearance of Actress Lisa Ray. This event was helped raised funds for cancer survivors.

World Class Kings: What plans do you have for 2017 as Mr United Nations?
Prakash: Future plan is to travel to Bangladesh and help the kids who are seeking help in Brothel of Dhaka. I am in progress of reaching the local NGOs and schedule the action plan for this project to become successful.

World Class Kings Magazine would like to say thank you to Prakash Patil Mr United Nations 2016  for this amazing interview.

Prakash: Thank you so much, this was one of my favorite interviews so far. Prakash’s air fare round trip was sponsored by Aeroworld travel agency ( and is one of best travel agency to make your travel destinations a great pleasure.
I am very thankful to Mohinder Singh and Arora K Simi sponsoring and believing in me.

Editor Derek Tokarzewski

World Class Kings Magazine, Prakash Patil, Mr United Nations 2016, 05
World Class Kings Magazine, Prakash Patil, Mr United Nations 2016, Photo by Abid Ikram Photography
World Class Kings Magazine, Prakash Patil, Mr United Nations 2016, Photo by Abid Ikram Photography
World Class Kings Magazine, Prakash Patil, Mr United Nations 2016, Photo by Abid Ikram Photography
World Class Kings Magazine, Prakash Patil, Mr United Nations 2016, Photo by Abid Ikram Photography
World Class Kings Magazine, Prakash Patil, Mr United Nations 2016, Photo by Abid Ikram Photography
World Class Kings Magazine, Prakash Patil, Mr United Nations 2016, Photo by Abid Ikram Photography
World Class Kings Magazine, Prakash Patil, Mr United Nations 2016, Photo by Abid Ikram Photograph