Mr. USA United Nations 2021

//Mr. USA United Nations 2021
Name: Akeem Brown
Age: 24
Occupation: Leasing Professional & New Jersey Notary Public (Public Official)
Height: 6’2
Hobbies: Reading, researching, project proposals, singing and listening to music
Biography: Hi, My name is Akeem Brown, dual citizen of United States of America and Jamaica. I am a recent graduate of Monroe College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and a Minor is Honors research.
In addition, as a qualified graduate, I have utilized my qualifications to continue enhancing my skills through various platforms such as being a Notary Public (Public Official) of New Jersey and attaining the position as a Leasing Professional. Moreover, I have broaden my horizon in aspect of advocacy in my place of work, where I am apart of the DEI Committee; fostering diversity and authenticity in my work environment (New Jersey North East region). As a first generation graduate, I have learned to be resilient, adoptable and passionate about my duties as a citizen of this world. My main passion aligns with advocacy, by ensuring that everyone is treated equally and have access to the same resources, eliminating bias and in-equality.
Life Ambition: As a persistent individual, my life ambition is to become a prosecuting attorney and senator. These two life ambition will enable me to influence change through policy and law for all, especially minorities.
Volunteer / Charity Work: Diversity, inclusion and equality Committee.
Why did you enter the pageant? Entering the United Nations Pageant, derived from wanting to utilize my platform as a source of motivation, advocacy and outreach to inspire others to be great. Thus, reminding them that there is greatness within them and despite their situation or challenges, they can accomplish anything, once they focus and believe in themselves.
Which world leader inspire you? kamala Harris
What do you like about host country India? I like India because the cultures is spectacular, along with it’s delicious curry dishes. Most importantly, the people and culture which reminds me of brilliance and kindness.
Favorite Food: Fry chicken, with curry gravy and rice.
Few more days until we crown the next Mr. United Nations 2021! We’ll be welcoming him into our kinghood on November 1-6,2021 in New Delhi, India. If you enjoy giving back to your community, and want to promote a cause close to your heart this is the perfect avenue for you. If you’re interested in becoming our next country representative visit our website

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