World Class Kings Magazine has a special interview with Mr United Nations Globe 2016 Dwayne Hinds.

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Title: Mr United Nations Globe
Pageant: United Nations Pageant
Age: 26
Zodiac sign: Virgo
Hobbies: reading and writing story’s and poems , dancing , acting, cooking various dishes, and volunteering.
Platform: Youth employment through education, feeding the hungry, human trafficking and volunteerism.
Years competed: 2015 and 2016
Countries visited: none yet
Likes: Volunteering, food, cooking,  charity and  I love the United Nations Pageant system
Dislikes: ill treatment of others and disrespectful persons
Status: single

World Class Kings Magazine: Hello Dwayne how are you doing today? 
Dwayne: I am doing quite well.

World Class Kings Magazine: Please tell us about yourself.
As early as i can  remember kindness as played a major role in being Dwayne Hinds. I love to even sure that everyone feel welcome to be around me. I  believe that every hardship that comes along should be  treated an opportunity to be the best you that you can be, beautiful inside and out. I am person that believe that the greatest competition is when you compete against yourself and you work hard to be better that the person were a year ago.

World Class Kings Magazine: Where you from?
Dwayne: Well I currently live in Kingston, Jamaica. Kingston is the beautiful capital of the majestic island of Jamaica. Where I live is really close to where Bob Marley made those  beautiful songs.

World Class Kings Magazine: Tell us what Mr United Nations Globe 2016 is all about.
Mr. United Nations 2016 is a no nonsense  person  when goes on the charity and volunteers.  I believe excellence is never an accident; it is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skillful execution and the vision to see all obstacles as opportunities. Mr United Nations Globe 2016 wear many hat, when he is not father to his boys at the Jamaica Christian Boys’ Home on 7 Oxford Road, New Kingston, Jamaica. He is the a Foot Print Across The World Ambassador or
Speed Up foundation coordinator to Jamaica. This organisation is straight out of Nigeria founded by  ifeanyichukwu petwise msp that mentor young men and women to become future leader of tomorrow. I am great that is got the chance to compete in the United Nations Pageant.

World Class Kings Magazine: When and where did the pageant took place?
Dwayne: The pageant took place in Kingston,  Jamaica at the knoxford  Court Hotel. This event ran span of 10 day from July 1-10, 2016 fun and excitement.

World Class Kings Magazine: It’s a great honor to represent Jamaica, what does it mean to you?
Wow,  that is one word I use to describe representing my beautiful island. This little island surrounded Caribbean sea has impacted the world. Standing tall with Black Green and Gold.  When you are able to represent the island Jamaica, you can’t help but fell overwhelming proud of the feet and the heights of greatness. My country moto is ” out of many one people” , this simple mean not matter which country you come from, no matter what colour your skin is; once you call Jamaica  your home, you are a Jamaican. Not African Jamaica or polish Jamaica, you are just Jamaican. So you can’t help but be in amazement that you got the chance to.

World Class Kings Magazine: Please tell us about your platform and all your charity accomplishments.
From the early age of 8 years old, I have started many projects and involve many charities, whether to get medications  for the elderly in my surrounding community or working hard just to see a smile on someone’s face. These are just tip of the iceberg.
As you may have known that Human Trafficking is a cause that I feel strongly about so I am working with United Churches to to bring the across the topic and also make persons aware of all the thing that play factor in human  trafficking.  A method  of you using the preforming arts to convoy the message human trafficking and it rampant growth in Jamaica and the  world in a theater forming a play called “where is Melissa”  the setting of the play takes you to a place called buckup. Where children from age 7 and up just go missing with out a sign as to where they went. The play brought out that person are talk all these wonderful future leader of the world. In this play there was some major elements highlighted, one which was that we as human beings must be our brothers keeper and watch out for each other.
The F Factor project was something that was start by my grandmother. It all all about food.,  this project involves feeding hungry and need on the major  holidays in jamaica. She  was chef,  aloving grandmother  and a helping hang to anyone who needed the help. But while was in primary school  she died.  So this project had stop, but has the years passed. Every Christmas and other holiday my house will be filled with persons that normally benefit from her kind heart. So my family and I restarted the fantastic project. We have grown so much. It from serving only in Kingston to adding 2 more parish of the beautiful Island of Jamaica. At this times as I speak I have not been fully involved in the F Foctor project because I place it great hands. My main project I am focus on it the adopt a children project  at the Jamaican Christian Boys’ home. The bases of the project was started my Mr. LEON Williams president of the United Nations Pageant. The project is about about the the responsibility of taking care  and mentoring the young men to grown in the great leader. So at the boys home,  i will have help them out to do there home  work, sometimes clean their rooms and just be there for them. There is about 21 young men at the home, I so I have 21 sons that I shared with local and international delegates. My best moments in the Pageant is cooking for the boy on Christmas time. The delegates put hands and heart together from near and far to cook with love in mind. This have been the greatest experience in the United Nations Pagents other then being crowned the Mr. United Nations Globe 2016.
In February 2016, I receive an award from the LMA ( leadership Mind Ambassdors ) this is a leadership and mentorship organisation in Nigeria. The founder is ifeanyichukwu petwise msp, and he went as far as the give me a position  in one of his foundation as the Jamaica Coordinator. My journey has just the Jamaican coordinator in the speed up foundation as just started and I am look forward the next stage in my walk to change the world one life and a time.

World Class Kings Magazine: Tell us about how well did you do in each competition?
In the  United Nations pageant sectional competition I did really well. At home my favourite part of any house is the kitchen. So when it came to the national cook off I was ready. The kitchen was filled with the aroma of all the great continent. As the flavor battle and the stove were turned off. I was standing is second place with Wendi Russo in first place. But still look back with a smile. When the interview section started and ended I was place in the top ten of best interviewed. I was time for on stage performance. This you you body control and presentation package, I train in runway so I was ready. When the pageant ended got Mr charity, Mr personality, Mr Supermodel etc.. and the crown of Mr United Nations Globe 2016.

World Class Kings Magazine: Big part of the competition is a national costume.  Tell us how did you represent Jamaica?
Dwayne: For most person who don’t know of the Jamaican flag; the colours are black, Green and gold. So my designer shermond Green understand my instructions. Made a 18th centaury British jacket suit. Because around the the 18th century  Jamaica was under British rule. The black  jacket stood for the people, It was embelished  with golden treading and golden embroidery. The gold stood for the warn, love of the people and our beautiful sun. The green outer shirt is stand for our breathtaking landscape.

World Class Kings Magazine: What was your favorite part of the competition and why?
I love the cook off and doing my charity but my favourite I can say is that on stage part. when I was 17 years old I model for various company in Jamaica but when reach 21 I did not get the height I wanted. But none the less I trained myself to walk like god. Some anyone or male walking after me will have to come with there A++ game in runaway walking as well. Plus I am runway coach for 8 years and pageant coach 2+ year and my girl do well; as first place and if I’m a the trainer for pageant event. It a show that you must see.

World Class Kings Magazine: What is your best memory from the competition?
My best memory is in the kitchen cooking for my son’s at the boys home. The national cook off, because all the delegates were loving towards each other. No one food burn because everyone watch and check to see that other person was OK.  Or if they need help or ingredients. I love that amount love and sharing that was shown.

World Class Kings Magazine: Big part of competition is being in amazing shape.  What is your daily routine to keep the body competition ready?
My routine in the morning are I wake up about 4:30 am. drink some blended garlic honey first to hut the stomach. Then jump squats 100, 300 push ups (150 in the morning and 150 in the nigh) mainly eat chicken with vegetable and drink only water and detox your body with garlic, ginger, cucumber and lime or lemon juice. Place all of the 2 litre of water. Let’s stay for 24 hours in the fridge and drink a glass a day.

World Class Kings Magazine: What have you accomplished as Mr United Nations Globe 2016?
I have accomplished a lot. I have to pinch myself some times. I got pledger to speak at a two day event called transformationl leadership seminar  to directors, teachers and principals of the Ministry of Education. a lot of invitation to speak at to students and as it is God’s will I am the Jamaica ‘s coordinator to Nigeria organisation and foundation call Speed Up. Title position gave the opportunities to work more on muly major platform “Youth Empowerment to Education ”

World Class Kings Magazine: What kind of legacy would you like to leave behind as Mr United Nations Globe?
I want to leave a legacy of many organisations that are geared towards helping  everyone that need the help….. I will change this world one person at a time. I will leave the legacy that reminds the world that we all stand on a globe stage and we should help each other to be beautiful inside and out.

World Class Kings Magazine would like to say thank you to Dwayne Hinds Mr United Nations Globe 2016 for this amazing interview.

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