World Class Kings Magazine would like to welcome amazing King, Rodain Richardson Mr Teen United Nations 2017

Full name: Rodain Richardson
Title/Year: Mr Teen United Nations 2017
Pageant System: United Nations Pageants
Age: 18 years old
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Hobbies: Reading, watching movies, writing poems and short stories, volunteering, giving motivational talks, playing basketball/football with friends and debating.
Years competed: 2017
Likes: I like the color blue, I like watching the sunset, I like trying new dishes and I like
exploring new cultures and beliefs.
Dislikes: I dislike negative behaviors
Status: Single

World Class Kings Magazine: Please tell us about yourself.
Well a little about myself, I guess I could start by saying the most obvious that my
name is Rodain Richardson.  I’m currently studying the sciences at the Ardenne High School in Kingston, Jamaica- in an attempt to further study medicine in the future. I enjoy writing and reading so it’s hard to call them hobbies because for me I see them as passions I’m a goal-oriented, spirited and driven young man- sometimes my overly zealous attitude even puts me in a little bit of trouble.  I enjoy going to the beach and having peaceful dinner dates with my friends and family.  I grow up in a place where persons would look at you and tell you that you can’t and that you are good for nothing; but time and time again a kid would prove them wrong, this time around I’m proud to be that kid. I don’t see obstacles or failures as an excuse to give but; I see them as a reason so continue.

World Class Kings Magazine: Why did you chose to compete in Mr. Teen United Nations 2017?
My reason for competing is simple. For one to truly inspire persons of all ages; he must first aspire to take a place among the great men that went before him. There’s is no better way to help someone than showing them that they can do anything their mind conceives- whatever hiccups they may face on their journey to success. I compete so that others will gather their courage and stand tall to one day compete against me and write their names in history.

World Class Kings Magazine: To those unfamiliar with your pageant system please tell us what is it about?
The United Nations Pageant is one like any other, it differs in so many aspects, however, the most prominent one being that it’s more focused on an individual’s potential rather than their beauty. It doesn’t matter if someone is from a different ethnicity or carried a deformity-before The United Nations Pageant, you are a contestant and you can win. For the Glamour, for the purpose, for the world.

World Class Kings Magazine: What are you being judged on during the competition?
During the competition persons are judge for everything and when I say everything I mean everything. Contestants are watched carefully to see how well they interact with their peers and how manner-able he or she is. You are judge based on how well you can explain and express yourself and how well you show respect to those around you. You are judge for everything.

World Class Kings Magazine: It was a 8 day competition tell us about some of your
favorite days.
They most exciting days for me was the 1st day and the last day, even though all days were equally exuberating. The first day was amazing, I got to meet so many different persons, so many new strange faces. So many different cultures and personalities. It was exciting and got my blood rushing faster than the days leading up to the grand coronation. On the final night something happened, something that would have allowed me to easily say this night was the best night. The different faces and different cultures were no longer so strange, no longer so different. They were familiar, a name to every personality and smile for ever new relationship. We had grown so close and we didn’t want it to end but the night when on and well the rest is history.

World Class Kings Magazine: Pageant is not only about competing it’s about making
lifelong friends.
I’ve surely made wonderful friends that will last decades upon decade. The bonds that were created, were created so firmly through countless memories and silly conversations.  I will miss them a lot yes- but I don’t have to because I know we will see each other again.

World Class Kings Magazine: What inspired you to do your first pageant?
Well, my biology teacher, Mr. Pierce Lawrence or more formally the Mr. United Nations
World. He was the person who approached me and motivated me to go for the interview and need not say I don’t regret it one bit!

World Class Kings Magazine: What are some of your achievements?
As a young man with firm religious beliefs, I think my most significant accomplishment was me dedicating my life to God everything else that followed was just a bonus.  I’ve receive many academic awards and awards for my leadership and volunteerism qualities, I’ve even been able to attain the position of the President in several clubs at my school. More recently I was crowned the Mr. Teen United Nations and I realized that none of these many accomplishments matter to me as long as I’m helping persons who can’t do it for themselves.

World Class Kings Magazine: What are some of the appearances that you’ve done?
Oh wow, I’ve been to so many.  Let’s start with the most recent, I was honored to be invited to the press release for the Davina Bennett Foundation for the Deaf. I’ve been to countless children homes and multiple charities across Jamaica. I have been trying to reach as much persons as I can possibly reach before I can no longer reach.

World Class Kings Magazine: What makes you stand out from all those other guys?
I think what makes me stand out the most is my amazing confidence in myself and my
hunger for change.

World Class Kings Magazine: How did it feel to hear your name as the winner?
That moment is one that truly can’t be explained; Your heart beat completely takes over any real sound except the announcer’s voice, your hands are burning from your opponent’s grip, your thoughts are bombarded with endless possibilities, the moments leading up to that very second. Then it comes! “The winner is” and you hear your name. Your heart stops beating for a split second-an uncontrollable smile and feel of happiness rushes over your body, you forget everything and all the negatives. You can never forget that exact moment.

World Class Kings Magazine: What does the stole symbolizes to you?
The stole symbolizes much more than a title for me. I see it as more of an opportunity to
share all I believe in and all of the help that I want to spread across the world. To be a beacon of change and help in whichever way I can. Starting small then hitting largely from where ever I can. The stole symbolizes one of the paths that I can take to help in the changing of the future. Being a king or having a title I feel the same way because with or without it I am still the same person. The one who will do anything to help another.

World Class Kings Magazine: What are your plans for 2017/18 as a King?
The upcoming year has already started to seem so very busy. I would like to continue using my title as much as I can to the very day my reign ends and even then, I will continue. I wish for this year to very eventful. From meeting, new people and helping more to raising the heads of person who insists on keeping their heads down. I planned to visit all the high schools in Jamaica and reach as much youth as possible, of course I’ll need help but that will come with the determination and drive.  I’ll continue to empower and motivate youths, not only in Kingston but across the entire Jamaica and hopefully the world. Also, I’ll be searching for opportunities where I can help to assist or make a difference. So, don’t be afraid to contact me and ask for me help, I’ll be more than willing as long as your heart is in the right place I plan on making a huge difference with small actions. I plan on doing something that has never been done before.

World Class Kings Magazine: Who would you recommend the pageant to?
Everyone. Absolutely everyone. It doesn’t matter your background or you amount of education. The United Nations Pageant is more than just a pageant it is a builder. As long as you have the dedication and commitment then you can compete. No one gets left behind.  In fact, the United Nations Pageant was even crowned a deaf young woman and no doubt she will do amazing things!

World Class Kings Magazine: What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?
I want persons to say “We remember Rodain Richardson as that teenager who never stopped until he reached every last youth.” I want a legacy wherein I begin with writing my purpose and when I die, it lives on through every soul it has reached thus continues to reach more and more souls. That’s the legacy I want, not just to be remember as a title holder.

World Class Magazine: Is there anything final you would like to say to the magazine?
Yes, to the youths of Jamaica, hold your head high and never be limited to your background or your financial status because I am not a rich person nor am I from an affluent society. I grew up in the inner city and my mother and father sent me to high school only off a minimum wage salary, sometimes even none at all but that didn’t stop me from achieving and it should never stop you! Your only limited to how far you can dream so my fellow youths I dare you to dream big! While remembering that your level of determination will gauge your level of success and your attitude when your successful will determine your level of respectability. This goes for not only Jamaicans but the wider world.  I would like to express special thanks to my sponsors: Nadine Haughton, Digital Solutions,  Ardenne Alumni Association, The Gleaner Company, My high fashion designer Mr. Andrea Shirley, Mas Camp, Winston Lowe, Zoie Ann Harris, Velceta Roberts, Garcia Roberts, Pierce Lawrence, Radcliffe Richardson, Jahmali Blackwood, Nadine Molly and all my other supporters.  Thank you and I promise to continue helping where ever I can and assist further with the building of my country one youth at a time and expanding my horizon to the world.

World Class Kings Magazine would like to say thank you to Rodain Richardson Mr Teen United Nations 2017 for this amazing interview.

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Mr USA United Nations 2018, Derek Tokarzewski Owner of World Class Kings Magazine
Mr USA United Nations 2018, Derek Tokarzewski Owner of World Class Kings Magazine
World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Rodain Richardson, Mr Teen United Nations 2017
World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Rodain Richardson, Mr Teen United Nations 2017
World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Rodain Richardson, Mr Teen United Nations 2017
World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Rodain Richardson, Mr Teen United Nations 2017
World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Rodain Richardson, Mr Teen United Nations 2017
World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Rodain Richardson, Mr Teen United Nations 2017
World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Rodain Richardson, Mr Teen United Nations 2017
World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Rodain Richardson, Mr Teen United Nations 2017

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