World Class Kings Magazine would like to say thank you to Rodain Richardson Mr. Teen Jamaica United Nations 2017.

Name: Rodain Richardson

Pageant title: Mr. Teen Jamaica United Nations 2017
Country: Jamaica
Platform: United Nations Pageant
Age: 18 yrs old
Height: 187 cm
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Age you started to compete: 18 yrs old
Favorite designer: Velceta Roberts (Grandmother)
Pets: Dogs (Fritz, Shadow and Klaus), Cats (Rebels and Lucy)
Hobbies: Reading, watching movies, writing poems and short stories,
volunteering, giving motivational talks, playing basketball/football with
friends and debating.
Talent: Speech, Drama, Debating and Cheerleading, modeling
Favorite place to visit: The Restaurant, the beach and the movies
Status: Single
Likes: I like the color blue, I like watching the sunset, I like trying new
dishes and I like exploring new cultures and beliefs.
Dislikes: I dislike negative behaviors
Favorite foods: Barbeque Chicken, Pasta, Ham, Beef, Sweet and Sour
Chicken, Banana Porridge, Hominy Corn Porridge, Chicken Back, Fruit
Punch and Orange Juice.

World Class Kings Magazine:  What inspired you to do pageants?
Rodain: Vision. One word that coincides with change. Through change comes
relief. The one thing these mere words have in common- is that it starts with
you. I choose to enter this pageant because I wanted to make a difference; I
wanted to make an impact for all those persons who think they can’t make it
themselves. As a youth ambassador, I live to serve and do right by those I
advocate for- by those I advocate with. Far too long has the streets of Jamaica
been plagued with youth violence. For too long has the scourge of poverty
limit the greatness of youths. I entered this pageant because I have witnessed
my close friends and family members fall to the formidable hands of
violence. I entered this pageant because I wanted to make a difference. I
wanted to make a change.
Growth. The word that deals with self; but also takes into account the
society. By developing yourself then and only then you can develop a
society. The United Nations Pageants provides that platform; it provides that
holistic background for growth. Thus by choosing to take this journey, I will
grow and I’ll make my society grow.
And in the end, what would I have achieved? Growth and change.
Death, odd word to use? Not really because it is inevitable. A young
plant will grow into a gigantic tree but it will die if not nurtured properly.
Yes, I am contradicting myself. The change that I’ll make does not
necessarily have to fade in fact it can last a lifetime with the correct care and
training. This is why I entered the United Nations Pageants, so that my
message lives on in those who I came into contact with and brings life rather
than death. Death to our youths by violence in our society.
With the United Nations Pageants help, I’ll further advocate thus
providing the vision necessary for change. The change that will ultimately
lessen the implications of youth violence in our society.

World Class Kings Magazine:  What do pageants mean to you?
Rodain: I think pageants are life altering experiences that help with the
development of an individual’s character, maturity and in general, self. Thus
equipping persons with the necessary skills required to achieve certain things

in life. Therefore in my opinion pageants are useful and exciting.

World Class Kings Magazine:What makes you a winner?

Rodain: A winner isn’t someone who has multiple titles and trophies, but rather
someone who does something to the best of their ability and at the end of the
day they can say, “I made a difference.” Whether or not this difference is
small or large, a difference has been made and that individual is a winner.
Therefore I pride myself as a winner because at all times I ensure that I’m
happy with whatever I have done thus making my difference whether small
or large.
World Class Kings Magazine:Please tell us about your platform,
appearances and achievements.
Rodain: As the Mr. Teen of Jamaica United Nations, I am expected to be that
beacon of hope for the youths of Jamaica and across the world. Thus by
emulating a holistic character and exemplary behavior, youths will be
inspired to achieve their goals and if they didn’t have any set goals, they will
be more inclined to create and achieve their newly established goals.
As the current title holder for the Mr. Teen Jamaica United Nations, I
have appeared at multiple charity events including but not limited to the
“Shak’s Hope Foundation sickle cell charity” and conducted motivational
speeches at high schools in Jamaica.
In addition, I graduated at the top of my class as the head-boy of
Mavisville Preparatory School then went on to study at Ardenne High School
where I have achieved 9 CSEC subjects and I’m currently pursing 8 units of
CAPE in an effort to someday become a Gynaecologist-obstetrician. I’m the
president of the Debating Society, the president of the Ardenne Intercom
Radio and the youngest executive member in the Ardenne Alumni
Association. I’ve also received multiple awards for exhibiting outstanding
leadership, helpfulness, courtesy, deportment and volunteerism qualities. I
have also received a certificate of participation in the Science Research
Council’s Essay and Oratory Competition. I was chosen to be the
representative from Ardenne High School for the Governor General’s I
Believe Initiative Youth Ambassador program. Also I was given a token of
appreciation for being a guest speaker at a prize giving ceremony and I’ve
received various sporting medals that showcased my sporting abilities.
World Class Kings Magazine: What part of the competition you find
most exciting?
Rodain: The most exciting part of the competition is the interacting with the
different cultures, meeting new people, and show casting your talent. I think
these are the most exciting parts of the pageant due to the fact that an
individual is able to exchange his/her culture and learn more about the other
cultures of the world while having fun and getting to understand different the
contestants message.

World Class Kings Magazine:What is your secret technique to connect
with judges?
Rodain: There is no secret really. Whatever I do, I do it to the best of my ability
to ensure that I’m happy with my results.

World Class Kings Magazine:How often do you practice your pageant
Rodain: Where ever I’m going, or whenever I’m walking, I’m practicing.
Success can only be achieved through consistent training and practicing.
World Class Kings Magazine:How do you keep your self esteem high?
Rodain: “You’re who you pride yourself to be. If you tell yourself that you’re a
failure with nowhere heading then you will fail in nowhere. If you tell
yourself that you’re a fighter with the world left to conquer then you will
travel across the globe looking for your next challenger.” – Rodain
There are too many persons out there that need someone to motivate
them for me to sit back and add to that number rather than be someone who
helps to reduce that number.
World Class Kings Magazine:How do you stay up to date on current
World events?
Rodain: I watch the News a lot, not just the local News but also international
and regional News Reports.
World Class Kings Magazine: What does the crown symbolizes to
Rodain: I see this crown as an opportunity to spread my message against youth
and women violence. I see it as an excellent building block in my march to
serve my people, my country and the world; because without our youths,
there is no future.
World Class Kings Magazine: What do you plan to do if you win?
Rodain: I plan to continue empowering the youths of Jamaica and the youths
across the globe in any way that I possibly can. However with the title I’ll be
more recognized therefore I’ll be able to reach a wider and large audience
and this is what I plan to do.
World Class Kings Magazine:What legacy would you like to
leave behind?
Rodain: I want persons to say “We remember Rodain Richardson as that
teenager who never stopped until he reached every last youth.”
I want a legacy wherein I begin with writing my purpose and when I
die, it lives on through every soul it has reached thus continues to reach more
and more souls. That’s the legacy I want, not just to be remember as a title
World Class Kings Magazine: What do you plan to bring to the
evening wear competition?
Rodain: The aim isn’t to look expensive, but rather to be elegant and poised in
your attire. Clothing doesn’t define a person it only compliments its wearer.
Therefore I plan to wear something that will highlight my personality and
qualities without being cocky. I will stand tall and look exquisitely sharp in
whatever I choose to wear that evening. I will be happy and comfortable with
my attire.
World Class Kings Magazine: How did competing in pageants
helped your life?
Rodain: I grew. I learned. I lived. I laughed. I became more equipped to handle
The pageant has help my life extensively as it allowed me to show that
not because you are from a poor family means that you can’t achieve certain
things. It has allowed me to appreciate my focus message, “violence against
youth and women” even more than I did before and I has help me to
appreciate everything life has to offer whether good or bad.

World Class Kings Magazine would like to say thank you toRodain Richardson Mr. Teen Jamaica United Nations 2017 for this wonderful interview.

Editor Derek Tokarzewski


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