Mr. Teen India United Nations 2021

//Mr. Teen India United Nations 2021

Name: Mayank Srivastava

Age: 17

Hobbies: Cooking , Gardening, spending time with special children, playing with pet animals

I am Mayank Srivastava . I come from a country where love is the essence of live INDIA. I’ve always learned ” which means mother earth protects us if she is protected and I stand with my head high believing in equality and diversity.
And I strongly feel ” the possibilities for your future are only limited the dept of your own imagination”

Life Ambition: My ambition has always been the same talking my level of fashion up to a another level .whenever I walk on ramp people’ will really see me for who I really am. Along the side I want to see a greener ,safer and more friendly society where acceptance is what you can give to someone when you really don’t give anything to anyone.

Volunteer / Charity Work: I work for elderly care and special kids and animal shelters.
Which world leader inspire you? Nelson Mandela , I’ve been a victim of bullying and I’ve been victim of racism as well. and I want to follow his footsteps to vanish bullying and racism from this world and I wish to see a world where negativity could not grow and fosters and people would have a smile on their faces.

What do you like about host country India? I played on the streets of India. I grew up on the streets of India. I’ve been blessed with the tradition and culture of India and I never felt that I need to move another country for college High school . in my country is been an example for all the countries in the world that no matter how many bad times you have gone through even if it was the British invasion even it was the coronavirus it’s what we have learnt to shine in the darkness

Favorite Food: I really love butter chicken.

Mr. Teen India United Nations 2021
Few more days until we crown the next Mr. Teen United Nations 2021! We’ll be welcoming her into our sisterhood on November 1-6,2021 in New Delhi, India. If you enjoy giving back to your community, and want to promote a cause close to your heart this is the perfect avenue for you. If you’re interested in becoming our next country representative visit our website

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