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Olga Makhlevskaya Miss Russia United Nations 2017


World Class Beauty Queens Magazine is excited to interview Miss Russia United Nations 2017 Olga Makhlevskaya .

Name: Olga Makhlevskaya
Pageant title: Miss Russia United Nations 2017
Country: Russia
Platform: United Nations Pageants
Age: 27
Height: 169 cm
Hair color: blonde
Eye color: gray-blue
Zodiac sign: cancer
Age you started to compete: 27
Favorite designer: I love the elegant and strict style. It’s not so important whether a famous designer or not.
Pets: 3 cats
Hobbies: In my spare time I work as a volunteer. Also I like to travel. I’m interested in everything: not only the distant islands and countries, but the unknown corners of my native Russia.
Talent: Singing
Favorite place to visit: I was in many places on the planet. But all the same there is nothing better than my country for me. I especially recommend to visit the North of Russia and to see the ancient cities.
Status: single
Likes: Nature. My job. I like to look at life with optimism no matter what.
Dislikes: I don’t like when women smoke. Because they are future mothers. I’m against drugs, cigarettes and alcohol. I lead the healthy lifestyle.
Favorite food: Most of all I love Russian cuisine. I live in the north of Russia and sometimes the frosts are very severe. Therefore, being a vegetarian is not so easy. But I try to eat a little meat and more vegetables and fruits.

World Class Beauty Queens: Hello, thank you for taking the time to Interview with us. Tell us about your title.
This year I was honored to present my native country at such a large-scale competition as the United Nations Pageants. I am Miss Russia United Nations. This is huge not only an honor for me, but also a great responsibility. I must be strong because I have to be the example for others.

World Class Beauty Queens: What inspired you to do pageants?
Olga: I participate in the beauty contest is not the first time. In 2014 I took a part in the Miss St. Petersburg competition. The contest was very unusual and was primarily aimed at the revival of Russian traditions. It was a return to our origins, our history. First of all, I believe that the competition should have a big goal. Of course, all contestants must be the best representatives of their countries. It should be not only external beauty, but also the inner beauty. It is very important. Contestants are like ambassadors of peace and good. Therefore, I participate in the United Nations Pageants. I think this competition changes the participants for the better and shows only the best qualities.

World Class Beauty Queens: What do pageants mean to you?
Olga: Participation in the United Nations Pageants is a great way not only to represent Russia with dignity, but also to do good deeds. And also to get acquainted with different people with their cultures and traditions.

World Class Beauty Queens: What makes you a winner?
Olga: Self-confidence and optimism are help me to win. Charge yourself with positive thoughts, emotions, walk more in nature. It is very important. Never lose faith, how badly you would not be today. And if you are not sure of yourself, you are afraid of tomorrow, help others. Remember, someone at this moment may be even worse than you.

World Class Beauty Queens: Please tell us about your platform, appearances and achievements.
Olga: I’m tv journalist. I took dozens of reports on environmental issues. One of the most global problems are rubbish and the lack of fresh water. By 2030, almost half of the people around the world will experience its shortage. This problem must be solved immediately. Every day tons of garbage are thrown away. The problems of landfills are not solved. Because for many it is a profitable business. After all, if you think about it, a plastic bottle will live another 300 years after us. We must reduce the use of plastic. In addition, the problem of deforestation is very acute. Most often it is healthy wood. I am very glad that at the moment very many volunteer organizations involve young people in environmental projects. Together we can do a lot!

World Class Beauty Queens: What part of the competition you find most exciting?
Olga: The contest of talent and national costume, I think is the most interesting and exciting. There are so many people and countries in the world and this competition unites all and shows the diversity of cultures and traditions of each people. That’s wonderful!

World Class Beauty Queens: What do you plan in evening wear competition?
Olga: I haven’t decided about the evening dress, but I think, of course, it should be elegant and beautiful. But whatever dress, the main thing is a smile and goodwill.

World Class Beauty Queens: What is your secret technique to connect with judges.
Olga: I believe that everything should be fair. And the competition of the United Nations Pageants, in my opinion, is the most honest and interesting of all. I want to thank Mr. Leon Williams – President of the United Nations Pageants. Thanks to him, I want to be better and better and to reveal in myself the most good qualities. And most importantly, to remain on good terms with all the contestants. I know for sure that we will become friends. Judges must decide which of us is the most worthy crown in each of the nominations. Who among us deserves to carry the crown for a year and be the queen and help people all over the world.

World Class Beauty Queens: How often do you practice your pageant walk?
Olga: I’m not a professional model and my parameters are far from ideal. My participation is also a way to show that you can be beautiful at any weight. Beautiful gait is very important for a woman. Not only at the beauty contest, but in life. Due to hours of working with computers, many people have problems with their backs. Previously, they appeared in people already in adulthood, and now already in the youth. This is a very big problem. Therefore, a beautiful walk is a healthy back. I do a lot of exercises and for the back and I’m afraid to walk straight and beautiful.

World Class Beauty Queens: How do you keep your self esteem high.
Olga: I try to be not only in the course of events but also to read more. Knowledge is power. It is knowledge that gives me confidence. Go in for sports and lead a healthy lifestyle. This will definitely increase your self-esteem.

World Class Beauty Queens: How do you stay up to date on current World events?
Olga: As the journalist I must to know what is happening in Russia and all over the world. This is my job. But in my country people are very interested in politics. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

World Class Beauty Queens: What does the crown symbolizes to you?
Olga: My crown is my greatest achievement in life. It is a symbol of that I can help and do more not only for my country, but also for all who need help.

World Class Beauty Queens: What do you plan to do if you win?
Olga: Miss United Nations is not only honorable, but also a real work with dedication. I would like to help children in Syria. Terrorists was destroyed the city of Aleppo, Palmira was captured. International terrorism is a terrible thing. People return to their liberated hometown and find nothing there. Children perish. Russia often sends humanitarian aid to Syria and I would like to visit there. Also, I will definitely go to Africa. This continent needs help so much that we can not even understand the magnitude of the disaster. According to the UN, due to the famine, 1.4 million children in Nigeria, Somalia and Southern Sudan are on the verge of destruction. Of course, I can not solve all the problems, but we will certainly save someone’s lives. The problems of ecology worry me no less.

World Class Beauty Queens: What legacy would you like to leave behind?
Olga: I would like to be the bright representative of my country. And I would be very glad that the participants who will participate next years also take an active position in life. So that they are interested not only in their appearance and the problems of Russia and the world.

World Class Beauty Queens: How did competing in pageants helped your life?
Olga: Most of all, I want to bring good for people. I’ve been trying all my life to help those who need it. For many years I’ve been working on television. But I’m not just talking about the event. My reports are sometimes the last hope for people. As Miss Russia United Nations now I can do even more useful. This is also a help to the children’s hospice and nursing homes. Now with my team we are preparing the big charity concert for the Children’s Day in Russia. I know it will be great.

World Class Beauty Queens would like to say thank you to Miss Russia United Nations 2017 Olga Makhlevskaya for this amazing interview.


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Olga Makhlevskaya Miss Russia United Nations 2017
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Olga Makhlevskaya Miss Russia United Nations 2017