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World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Danielle Kadjo Miss Canada United Nations 2017
World Class Beauty Queens Magazine is super excited to interview Danielle Kadjo Miss Canada United Nations 2017.
Name: Danielle Kadjo
Pageant title: Miss Canada United Nations 2017
Country: Canada
Platform: United Nations Pageants
Age: 28
Height: 5′ 8
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Age you started to compete: 26
Favorite designer: Elie Saab
Pets: No
Hobbies: Listen music, travels, learn about different cultures, discover the latest fashion
trends, drawing fashion sketches.
Talent: Fashion designer
Favorite place to visit: Ivory Coast, Africa
Status: Single
Likes: Honesty, positive people, quality time with friends and family.
Dislikes: Hypocrisy, Pessimistic attitude, Negative thoughts
Favorite food: Ivorian Food
World Class Beauty Queens: Hello, thank you for taking the time to Interview with
us. Tell us about your title.
Danielle: I am honored to represent my country, Canada, at the Miss United Nations Pageants this year. As Miss Canada United Nations, I will use my title to continue to extend my community service as a philanthropist and to make a positive impact in people’s lives.  Miss United Nations Pageants is a lifetime experience that put emphasis on women, empowerment and positive initiative that can positively impact the world.
World Class Beauty Queens: What inspired you to do pageants?
Danielle: Doing pageants is more than just being involved in a beauty competition. It is deeper than that because it is not just about physical beauty but also about inner beauty and self-confidence. Pageants allow us to meet different kinds of people, to learn about
them, about their cultures, their backgrounds, to be an open-minded person because at
the end, we are one nation. Pageants, it’s a beautiful way to promote cultural diversity
and inclusion by accepting each other, our differences and by accepting who we are as
an individual and/or a group and proudly be able to show it with pride to the entire world.
World Class Beauty Queens: What do pageants mean to you?
Danielle: Pageants give me as woman a platform to showcase my self-confidence and self-steem. Apart from the glamorous aspect, pageants give us a platform to use and some responsibilities that follow us throughout our lives. Time before and during pageants is important but the most important for me, is the time after. It’s our responsibility as a female role model to give hope to the youngest and to show them the example on how important it is to be involved in our society through social actions. Pageants give us this possibility of going further.
World Class Beauty Queens: What makes you a winner?
Danielle: I always consider myself as a winner. Everything is a matter of perception and this is one of the main messages that I would like to share with people around me. By being involved or not in a beauty contest do not put you in a position of a loser or a winner.  With our own perceptions, we do it ourselves. In other words, we determine the way we want to feel and the way we want to interpret each situation. I am where I am today because; I have succeeded in overcoming several obstacles in my life. We are not a
loser because we fall but a winner because, despite all, we stand up and continue to
move forward. Today, I am grateful to have been accepted in a worthy contest such as
The Miss United Nations Pageants because this makes me realize how far I have come
and my entire journey. For that, no matter the outcome, we are already all winners.
World Class Beauty Queens: Please tell us about your platform, appearances and
Danielle: I am the President and Founder of platform named International Humanitarian Fashion Week, the first official fashion week under the high patronage of the Canadian Commission for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), a platform honoring and promoting human rights especially for women and children. The project aims to contribute to one of the most important issues and millennium development Goals (MDGs) of the organization which is the Education for All (EFA).  I am a Canadian born Ivorian model, Spokesperson, Humanitarian Awards Winner and a Miss Universe Canada national delegate 2015.
I currently have a career in the banking sector in Canada. In 2014, I had the opportunity
to be the Recipient of several awards and recognition including the 10th ranking in the
Canadian national level and Top 5 in Quebec for the year 2014 in Excellence in
investments and portfolio management. I hold a Bachelor of Business Administration
(BBA) Finance degree from the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM), a degree in
Journalism and currently I am in a process of a Master Degree in Project Management.
Former 2015 Miss Universe Canada delegate, I am very involved in the Canadian
fashion industry both as a professional model but also an activist and advocate for
change trying to bridge the gap between fashion and humanitarian.
Philanthropic figure, being an ambassador for human rights issues is the highest of my
priorities. In fact, I have been involved in several non-profit organizations such as the
Equiterre Foundation and The Canadian Red Cross. In December 2014, I have been
appointed national ambassador of the Operation Smile Organization through the
Miss Universe Canada Organization, Beauties of Canada, with the purpose to raise
money and create awareness for the charity which provides safe medical procedures for
children around the world.
In January 2016, I received the National award – Humanitarian involvement and
philanthropy within the community by the Desjardins Foundation International, a
charitable organization that recognizes and emphasizes the importance of volunteer
involvement and contributes to the betterment of communities by also contributing to the academic success of our youth by awarding prizes, scholarships and donations and by supporting various projects that encourage academic perseverance.
In May 2016, I has been identified as one of the TOP 100 Black Women to watch in
Canada in 2016 who have been recognized on June 11th at the evening gala at the
Canada International Black Women Event (CIBWE), considered as the biggest
celebration of the Infinite Black Women achievement, strength and history in Canada.
Founder and the President of the Canadian Red Cross national fashion show, I am
the woman behind the WE DID IT! FASHION SHOW created in 2013 to mark the World
Humanitarian Day in memory of all those, humanitarian workers, who have lost their
lives by trying to rescue distressed communities. The funds raised were totally donated
to the organization as a contribution and recognition in their international implication in the fight against HIV-AIDS, Malaria, maternal and child healthcare in Africa.
World Class Beauty Queens: What part of the competition you find most exciting?
Danielle: The national costume. Definitely. There is no better way to show our global diversity.
World Class Beauty Queens: What do you plan in evening wear competition?
Danielle: A beautiful and elegant gown and my smile (the prettiest thing I can wear). 
World Class Beauty Queens: What is your secret technique to connect with
Danielle: During all the adventure, being myself.
Eyes contact between me and the judges is the most important and the key to leave a
good impression. This is also applicable during the interviews. Our attitude speaks more
than anything we may have to say, then I will add a positive attitude as an asset.
World Class Beauty Queens: How often do you practice your pageant walk?
Danielle: Two times a week. I am also a coach for a competition called Miss Africa that takes place in Montreal.
World Class Beauty Queens: How do you stay up to date on current World
Danielle: As a journalist, I have no choice to have a very good general culture and daily stay up to date about current world events.
World Class Beauty Queens: What does the crown symbolizes to you?
Danielle: Becoming Miss United Nations 2017 is much more than having a sash and crown. I’m aware that it’s a title that comes with responsibilities and the duty to reflect positively the values of the Miss United Nations Organization through our inner and outer beauty, intelligence and achievements as a positive role model for young women.
I have dedicated much of my life to giving back to the community then it’s a pride for me
to represent the color and the symbol of our national flag, but as well, the world’s cultural richness, to show my commitment. It’s also a way for me to continue my advocacy for human rights, to help, serve and represent our nation with pride and dignity.
World Class Beauty Queens: What do you plan to do if you win?
Danielle: This pageant give us as women the opportunity to leave a positive impact to our community. If I win Miss United Nations, I plan to use this title for this purpose and be one of the best ambassador that the organization had.
World Class Beauty Queens: What legacy would you like to leave behind?
Danielle: I aspire to be an example, a role model for all young women and encourage them to follow their dreams, achieve their full potential, and create awareness about the
importance of having a charitable heart. I am encouraged by the idea that being beautiful is not just a matter of appearance or physical assets, but a matter of having inner qualities to encourage and support while remaining humble toward ourselves and others.  I strive to continue my advocacy to defend human rights both in Canada and Abroad. I believe in creating initiatives that can positively impact the world. As a united nation, it’s important to share our projects and ideas focused on the improvement of our
World Class Beauty Queens: How did competing in pageants helped your life?
Danielle: Competing in pageants has helped me by strengthening my self-confidence. I have improved my capacity to naturally be in front of people, to speak publicly. I have met wonderful people and amazing women by competing in pageants that now, I consider as a family. In pageants, we discover each person’s story and each story is different and meaningful. The acceptance of ourselves as the unique person we are, and what we can bring on a table, as a child, sister, aunt, colleague and woman of worth is the greatest learning and the greatest reward.
World Class Beauty Queens would like to say thank you to Danielle Kadjo Miss Canada United Nations 2017 for this amazing interview.
Editor: Derek Tokarzewski
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World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Danielle Kadjo
World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Danielle Kadjo Miss Canada United Nations 2017
World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Danielle Kadjo Miss Canada United Nations 2017
World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Danielle Kadjo Miss Canada United Nations 2017