Dethronement of Wendi Russo as Mrs United Nations 2016

//Dethronement of Wendi Russo as Mrs United Nations 2016

Name: Mrs. Wendi Russo

Address: Minneapolis USA

Date: February, 26th,2017

Dear Mrs. Wendi Russo Mrs. United Nations 2017,

Further follow up to our conversation on Facebook on dated February 15, 2017, we discussed that CIA Management will be offering you a contract, in order for us to take the next step of managing your affairs. Base on your slanderous and defaming post on Facebook regarding the signing of this contract; we the Board of United Nations Pageants regretfully relinquish your title in the form of dethronement and appoint the 1st runner up to carry on your duties. Your termination will immediately be in effect as of February 24, 2017.

As stated at our meeting the reason(s) for terminating your employment with us are as follows:

(1) Mrs. United Nations 2016 and United Nations Pageants and it the affiliated brand company has no legal obligation to you. We have no contract signed base on this action you have no right to hold this title.

(2) Unprofessional conducts and other communication breakdowns between Mrs. United Nations 2017 and management.

The First Breach Drama (1st strike): Started back from Jamaica Christian Boy’s Home over the simple issue of paint brushes. According to your statement, you made a donation of $100 USD and claiming how much you paid. However, no brush or paint supplies were purchased based on Ms. Gearheart report to me. I personally spoke about this issue and never mentioned it to the judges about your outburst which placed the whole pageants group in a division.

Second Breach Drama (2nd strike): Started upon the removal of Mr. Teen United Nations in which Miss Teen United Nations choose to step down. We had a conversation regarding both persons and you personally went on to create public mischief by stating that I called the young lady a prostitute which was very unfortunate. I was informed by several persons about your slanderous and malicious lies and conversations which you screenshot/ edited to make me look bad. Ms. Ballog has since then apologized after discovering that you played her.

Third Breach Drama (3rd Strike): We negotiated a management contract for you with CIA free of cost. We sent your draft in a CC email with CEO Forzan, who replied that all your fees have been waived before you post the inappropriate and degrading statement in which the CIA agency will be pursuing legal actions against. Instead of contacting me or Mr. Forzan for full details, you went on Facebook discussing the private content of contract without seeking clarification and also contacting other contestants about it. I really am reconsidering your reputation and professionalism. I received several emails from Voy Forum about your poor behavior and professional conduct as titleholder.

Originally, from October 15, 2016, I wanted to serve you a verbal warning; given your bad conduct which has affected your ability to move this pageant forward. I did not. I believed in second chances, but yet again you struck.

We are warning you to desist from this type of uncontrollable behavior for your own self-preservation. You refused to follow and obey instructions based on these actions. Consequently, we have no other choice but to terminate your service from W.G.I Jamaica Limited or and any other affiliated companies with immediate effect.

Therefore, we will no longer require your service to our organization. Additionally, based on your behavior we are looking into the matter of removing all branding from the website and social media as Mrs. United Nations 2016 because you failed to carry out simple instructions.I, Mr. Williams, have lost all confident and credibility in your reign and find it untenable for you to continue.

We also have pending breach for the past month where you should sign and submit your winner contract which you refused to sign and return. I am sure you are upset with someone but it should not be us, we did all in our power to communicate with you. Please give us a chance to help you.

This is my last resort to dethrone you but we must take business seriously. Please let us work it out, no need for us to fight. Let us work together to achieve your dreams and visions. This private letter of dethronement, if your wish for the world to know is up to you. I am also taking this opportunity to thank you for the past year and working with us. It was truly a great experience. I have such high regards for your coaching program.


Thank you for your past efforts and all the best in your future endeavors.

Leon Williams

President of United Nations Pageants LLC

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