Name: Mischaela Advani

Age: 25 yrs

Height: 180cm

Occupation: Product Manager, Nonprofit Board Member, United Nations Advocate

Hobbies:Learning Hindi, Studying Current Events, Studying Japanese, Watching Korean dramas and Charity Works

Why do you want to enter? I want to enter the Ms United Nations pageant because becoming an international pageant titleholder would give me a higher platform to participate in the initiatives and global projects that are close to my heart. I am also entering so that I may become a beauty queen who inspires young girls to achieve their dreams, and set goals and work hard to achieve them. I will work diligently to develop a platform of national and international outreach to the people, causes, and initiatives that are most in need of my help. The Ms United Nations pageant is an organization that is firmly planted in the future. Many other international pageants have had a great deal of critique and negative press as focusing more on a young woman\’s ability to appear scantily clad on television than her ability to give back to society. The UNP Organization focuses on promoting modesty, decorum, and poise in its candidates. For this reason, I am excited to align with an organization that focuses on diverse ideas of beauty and how charismatic and classy young women can gain attention in their.

Total Votes : 1,500

Ms USA United Nations 2015

Ms USA United Nations 2015