Ms Trinidad & Tobago United Nations 2015

Name: Kenisha Joanne Salvary

Age: 24 yrs

Height: 174cm

Occupation: Director of Community Outreach for Girls Health Ed and Motivational Speaker

Hobbies: I am an active volunteer and writer in my spare time. I currently volunteer with a Non-Profit called Girls Health Ed. as their Director of Community Outreach and I am also a very active AmeriCorps Alumni while performing various mentoring activities within my community. Lastly, I am very diligently working to complete my first memoir in novel form.

Why do you want to enter? I would like to enter the Ms. United Nations Pageant competition because joining an organization, whose mission stands for inspiring and empowering nations while bringing different countries closer together is exactly what I stand for as well. I believe once we as many nations achieve this goal we can also end adversities such as, homelessness and poverty.

Total Votes : 17,000

Vote for s Trinidad & Tobago United Nations 2015

Vote for Ms Trinidad & Tobago United Nations 2015