Ms Tourism Jamaica United Nations 2016

Name: Charlene Roberts

Age: 24 yrs

Height: 178 cm

Occupation: Student

Hobbies: Reading, grooming fashion models, volunteering, helping those less fortunate, going to church, spending time with family.

Why do you want to enter? The United Nations pageants is a great platform to spread the message of giving back to those less fortunate. I’ve always had a passion for people, i enjoy encouraging others to go for their goals. My family and friends always says they admire my love for people. over the years of being on this earth I’ve learned that no matter what obstacle anyone have experienced all your dreams are possible, I’m a living testimony. Besides my love for people i enjoy pageantry and modeling. I am a very enthusiastic and hard working individual, and i am assured that i would be a great representative as Ms. United Nations for Jamaica.  .

Total Votes : 47,800