Ms North America United Nations 2016

Name: Amber Martinez

Age: 32 yrs

Height: 170 cm

Occupation: TV Host/Actress/Print Model.

Hobbies: My hobbies include helping others, charity work, yoga, meditation, writing poems and music, dancing, hiking, adventures, exploring new places, and painting. I have worked with, volunteered for, or contributed through donations and charity events to Soles for Souls, Walk for Warmth, Habitat for Humanity (I put up drywall and helped build a house), Race for a Cure, The Art of Elysium, Care Rescue LA, Safe Passage and many others. Safe Passage, is a very important charity to me. As a survivor of Domestic Violence, I hope to one day own my own charity to devote my time, compassion, and efforts to nurturing and rehabilitating other survivors as well. It is important to build women up and show them that they are beautiful inside and out, even after a tragedy. Another charity that I enjoy and love to support, is The Art of Elysium. I had the privilege of volunteering for an event to aid medically fragile children, who are going through rehabilitation, surviving tragedies, and overcoming obstacles. This program also supports happiness and good spirits among the children, making their medical rehabilitation easier. I look forward to working with them more in the future. If I win Ms United Nations 2016 and there is any kind of prize winnings, I will be donating a good portion of that, to these aforementioned charities.

Why do you want to enter? I think the United Nations Pageant is a wonderful pageant. The pageant allows people from all nations, who believe in both changing the World for the better by their charitable contributions to society. As well as representing and embracing their true selves as individuals. I honestly believe in making the World a better place and I love helping people. We as people are all one and the same. If you are able to love yourself, then you can project the same love to those around you, essentially making the World a better place through kindness and genuine understanding. I’m honored to be a part of this pageant. I look forward to meeting other men and women who support these notions of aiding others and World Peace. It would be a very great honor to be named Ms United Nations 2016. If I received the title, I would use it only to promote goodwill and aid to others.

Total Votes : 73,100