Ms Great Britain United Nations 2016

Name: Natalie Moloney

Age: 27 yrs

Height: 165 cm

Occupation:  Creative Director, Events / Founder Non-Profit Organisation

Hobbies: Travel, writing, photography, reading, organizing fundraising events, volunteering and spending time with friends and family. .

Why do you want to enter?

Why do you want to enter? 
I would love to be a part of this incredible programme as I am very excited about the prospect of meeting people from different cultures and learning about their customs and traditions. To represent my country would be an honour and I like to think I would make Great Britain proud as I am hardworking, dedicated and passionate about making a difference.
I have shown that I am hardworking by launching my own business and winning multiple awards before my company was one year old. Pink Lemonade Productions, my company, was also in the final ten businesses to be short listed for Britain’s Most Inspirational Small Business Award. I have shown that I am dedicated as I use my company resources to fundraising for charities and this year I organized and been involved in events that have raised over £5,000. And I have shown that I am passionate about making a difference by volunteering and becoming involved with various charities and organizations that mean a lot to me. I am part of a volunteer team for my local soup kitchen and I am an ambassador for Footprints Around the World, an international anti-bullying charity that is also trying to break the stigma of mental health issues and prevent suicide. 
I am also an ambassador for the Live Love Laugh Foundation, providing backpacks and essentials to children and teenagers in refuges and emergency accommodation, and  Patron for the Teapot Project, a food outlet that intercepts food waste and provides meals on a ‘pay what you can’ basis to the general public.
On top of all this, I have my own charitable projects; The Inner Beauty Initiative, promoting self esteem in teenagers, and The Very Merry Christmas Project, providing gifts for children in the care system. I have huge ambitions for the future as I am passionate about making a difference for future generations in any way possible. I want to inspire and empower the women of our future to make a difference, too. They are the doctors, the diplomats, the Members of Parliament, the nurses, the businesswomen and the leaders of the next generation.
My immediate ambitions are to champion even more causes that I believe in and roll out the Inner Beauty Initiative nationally. I will dedicate myself to becoming the best role model I can be, and a daughter, mother, wife, friend, and member of the community that people can be proud of. I aspire to be very much at the heart of my local community, and that of the much wider community by continuing to show my support to various causes. 
Long term, I would love to be a role model and spokesperson for the United Nations and help to make the changes necessary to the world to preserve it for our future children, grandchildren and their future generations.

Total Votes: 43,100