Mrs USA United Nations 2015

Name: Wendi Russo

Age: 48 yrs

Height: 170 cm

Occupation: Television Host

Hobbies: Modeling, Hosting local shows and emceeing Charity events, Media Training, Image Consulting, Voice overs for radio and TV, Life & Pageant Coaching for young women, Crafting, Fashion, Decorating, Writing, and Traveling

Why do you want to enter? I love what the Mrs. United Nations system represents–“For the Glamour, For the Purpose, For the World.” by Unifying many countries through Pageantry, helping to magnify the charitable impact that one title holder can have and expanding it to a Global level. I’m a big believer in thinking beyond my state lines and beyond my country. I married a man from Italy while on vacation who’s second language is English, and have helped raise funds for International Organizations like “Shared Hope International” for children trafficked around the world. The title of Mrs. USA United Nations would allow me to continue my good works of building a better life for children through mentoring and the many Charitable organizations I’ve worked with for 10+ years (Children’s Cancer Research, Make-A-Wish, Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentoring), but it will also help me grow as a person, to connect with others from different cultures but with similar goals. As a mentor, my goal is to help women and children recognize the gifts God has bestowed on them and to encourage them to pursue their dreams in whatever form, allowing them to be a beacon of light to others who have yet to recognize their gifts. Having entered my very first pageant at the age of 40, an age most would say I should no longer be competing, I am inspired by a system that seeks Inner Beauty as the main trait, as we all know that external beauty is fleeting. I created the “Inner Beauty Pageant” for disadvantaged children for this very reason. There is so much more to beauty and as one 6- year old stated in my last Inner Beauty pageant interview, “I know I am beautiful because of my heart”. It is your heart that one is judged on in this pageant, creativity to make a difference in the world around them, and the level of passion one has to bring their ideas to life. I love that you want people who are living fearlessly and fully, making life more beautiful for those around them and inspiring people to do something to help others through Pageantry. I would be honored to represent the USA in promoting this unique and global pageant system through media attention and social media, and I plan to inspire a sense of community in Pageantry around the world.

Total Votes : 110,900