Mrs Ukraine United Nations 2015

Name: Olesya Vysotska

Age: 35 yrs

Height: 170 cm

Occupation: Occupation : Organizer of psychological training and seminars for women; the couch according to Joseph Pilates system; The owner of a beauty salon.

Hobbies:   Olesya develops the plan of seminars and workshops on the topic of “Happy relationship and what contribute to it”, and in the future plans to introduce it into the school program.

Why do you want to enter?  The most important thing in life – it’s effective communication with yourself and with others, and it should be taught since the school years. Olesya also conducts Pilates training, due to this girls restore the health of the body, appears flexibility, smoothness in the movements and improves their overall. She helps girls in her beauty salon to become more beautiful, not only inside but also outside. Olesya’s mission in this concourse – to tell to everybody , that the main thing is that children all over the world should be healthy,glad and happy; that all families in this world should be complete and loving; that all women should be happy,that they should respect and appreciate their men for their achievements, for their support, manhood and courage. And that all should be able to find a common language, its the language of hearts -rather, the language of love in our hearts! Olesya helps develop different social projects by soliciting charities and sponsors and supporters. Such projects as “A Good Wife” – a project for women, where women receive information and skills of constructive interaction in family and society during seminars and trainings. We hold charity events. The project “Irpen Charitable Foundation” is an organization that helps orphans in need of material assistance, the elderly, oncological patients. Social project on protection of animals in the Kyiv region. We rescue animals that are abandoned, lost, have poor health and are in need of veterinary help. There should be more social organizations, as they help people in need, and thus make the world better!

Total Votes : 15,000

Vote for Mrs Ukraine United Nations 2015

Vote for Mrs Ukraine United Nations 2015