Mrs Mexico

Name: Yezenia Yazmin Navarro

Age: 30 yrs

Height: 171cm

Occupation: Actress/Model, Anti-VAW activist, Pastry Chef
Hobbies: I enjoy working out, experimenting new healthy recipes, and reading. I also love to travel and meet people of different ethnicities and learn their culture and traditions. Furthermore, I’m passionate about being a positive role model and making a difference and being involved within the community I live in, regardless of which country that may be in.
Why do you want to enter?
From a very early age, I felt like the citizens of the world have taken a negative toll on humanity. I couldn’t stand the extent to which animal-cruelty, domestic-abuse, racism, and all other elements which negatively shape a society, have reached. I founded my Anti Violence Against women Campaign, Queens Without Scars, in 2014, and it has grown immensely since then. It’s incredibly rewarding how my campaign has managed to shed light on the topic, as well as creating a community of abuse-victims who have managed to survive their traumatic experiences, and live to raise awareness within their communities, and especially, the youth of today. People don’t realize the emptiness they feel without love; both receiving and giving love. We must teach our children that God loves them equally regardless of who they are and what they’ve done. We must also teach our children that women are a human’s prized possession; the worth of a woman should never be compromised. We must teach our daughters that they should value and respect themselves first, before expecting to be valued and respected.
I am one person. I know I can’t change the world with my own two hands, but I do know that together, we can make a difference and abolish violence against women. It starts right here.

Total Votes : 17,500

Vote for Mrs Mexico United Nations 2015

Vote for Mrs Mexico United Nations 2015