Mrs Jamaica United Nations 2015

Name: Tamara Riley

Age: 30 yrs

Height: 157cm

Occupation: Assistant Nutritionist

Hobbies: Singing, Photography, Writing, Reading, Traveling, Enjoying Nature and Watching inspirational movies and Charity Works

Why do you want to enter? I​ wish to enter this Pageant because I have a passion for helping others, especially children with Diabetes and this has led me to do research presentations in different regions of the world; with the hope of impacting both government and non-government organizations. This Pageant is about being an advocate for volunteerism and change. I believe that Mrs. United Nations is a very prestigious title; one that allows an ordinary individual like myself with an extraordinary dream to establish a Pediatric Diabetes facility not just in my own country but, in many regions of the world where a child lacks the proper care facility that caters to only his/her Diabetic needs. This Pageant provides the platform for brilliant minds that has a capacity for leadership to be given the opportunity to be heard. This Pageant also opens the world’s stage for an individual like myself who is not the ideal model height but, the ideal model mind to show the world that creativity, the right attitude and a passion for the life of children can spur from any nation in the world. I want to enter this Pageant to show that unique beauty, passion and character can be found even at the ocean floor. I am heart, faith and love and I wish to share this with the United Nations.

Total Votes : 4,800

Vote for Mrs Jamaica United Nations 2015

Vote for Mrs Jamaica United Nations 2015