Mrs India United Nations 2021

Name: Nimmy Rachel Koshy

I am a mother of 2 beautiful kids and a post graduate teacher, presently working at Trivandrum, Capital city of Gods Own Country, Kerala. I got chance to live, study/work at major Indian cities, converse with different languages and culture. Learnt Bharatanatyam, teaches dance to students and participating various cultural activities.

I am fully content with myself, giving importance to human values, well-connected with friends and relatives to remain pleasant at all times, and strive to keep environment clean. Recently I won Mrs. India Elegant title in Mrs. India Earth 2019 pageant which was held at New Delhi.

Life Ambition:
I wanted to see my kids and students, become good human beings and reach higher levels as contributor for the society. I am measuring success in quality of life and not in economic terms. Also wanted to be a social worker and to work for charitable organizations across the World for humanitarian service.

Volunteer / Charity Work:

During past two years, flood was intense in my locality. Actively participated in relief works, by arranging food, water, clothes and medicines for the effected. Volunteer in mass tree plantation, cleaning waste and plastic at public places and sea shore, etc. Also providing free tuition and dance classes to children in my locality.

Participating in various act of charity, and taking it as a responsibility to stand with the less privileged, and outreach missions to orphanages, old age homes and hospitals, and voice for their uplift.

Why did you enter the pageant?

Feel proud and humble to represent my Country with 450 million married women in an International platform. It is an honor, to be crowned as Mrs. United Nations, to voice for 2500 million married women from its Member Nations. Further, I can utilize this platform, for uplifting the under privileged women and children, and to carry forward the message of peace, compassion and humanity.

Which World leader inspire you?

Since my childhood days, I have looked up to many World leaders for numerous reasons, but it has always been Mother Teresa my greatest source of inspiration. She started ?The Missionaries of Charity? with an objective to look after people, who nobody else was prepared to look after. She and a small group of fellow nuns, chose to wear a blue border white cotton sari, survived on minimal food, often having to beg for funds. But slowly, her efforts were acknowledged by the international Community.

She thought the World that, when we make sure to give more than we take, there will be permanent Peace, Prosperity, and Unity. Thousands of candles can be lightened from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. We come into this world with nothing, and go empty-handed. She is a World leader preached for the poor. ?Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.? Mother Teresa.

What do you like about host Country India?

India is the largest Democracy country in the World with a strong bond of unity despite many diversities of language, race, culture, religion. India has a rich legacy and heritage of civilizations, foreign trade, religious tolerance and the cradle for many religions. Also faced invasion, war, colonial rule etc. which has no parallels with any other Country. Though India is facing many challenges, It is one among the fastest growing Country in the world.

Favorite Food: South Indian Vegetarian Food