Mrs Classic Asia United Nations 2021

Name: Shalini Srivastava

Age: 48

Hobbies: Teaching children

Biography: I was an athletic women. I want several medals in my field but later on I was forced to leave sports. I was also the first lady in my society who started working as a teacher despite the odds, I worked and made my way through. I gave up everything for my children. Even the fact that I will be no longer a woman I used to be. when I got to know about the United Nations pageant in there was a spark of hope in me that yes I can still be what I wanted to be an I can still achieve my dreams no matter what I am and how much time has passed.

Life Ambition: I love teaching children and I advocate for a society where children are educated. As well as their education should be free because education is a right for all and I strongly believe that education can solve 90% of our problems. once we secure our future our present will be much better than what we expected to be

Volunteer / Charity Work: advocating for children’s right to education. And teaching children for free.

Which world leader inspire you? As a mother, mother Teresa has taught me that how a mother truly loves her children and she has helped me a lot to be a mother who I am today. I am very very proud how I raised my children and how much children turned out to be you great people and as a mother I believe that every child deserves a happy future a prosperous future and for that we need to start working now and provide those children with education and all those necessary need that they deserve.

What do you like about host country India?
I like ok my country because I have so the changes in my country I was very young when India was still recovering from the invasions and I saw the society changing and people becoming more acceptive. how women’s were not allowed to work in the society and now women’s are conquering all the fields in India that made me realize that I have been blessed to born in a country like India

Favorite Food: Mutton Curry