Mrs. Asia United Nations 2021

Name: Dr. Bharati Dhananjay Patil


Hobbies: Cooking, dancing, traveling and trecking..

Biography: winner of Mrs. India Galaxy 2018 and a gold medalist in academics.

Life Ambition: Want to become role model for many inspiring women and to help less fortunate Community around the world.

Volunteer / Charity Work: I have worked for Ketto organization raised charity and will be collaborating with few more NGO to raise awareness..

Which world leader inspire you: PM Narendra Modi. His leadership quality, enthusiasm, discipline and determination.

What do you like about host country India: its unity diversity pledge. India is famous for its spices and cuisines is world famous. India is a country which has one of richest and vivid histories and heritage.

Favorite Food: Fish are rich source of vit A,vitD,vitE.