Mr. Uganda United Nations 2021

Name: Kagimu Frank

Age : 20 yrs

Height : 6ft

Hobbies : I love music , reading and watching series

Biography : I am Kagimu frank, most known as “fabs or Fabian” a student at Makerere university pursuing my bachelors of community psychology at my year one. I have great love for fashion and I always look forward to inspire fellow youths mostly men through fashion and beauty projects. Am a make up artist and I do some music. Am a Ugandan aged twenty years.

Life Ambition :As i grew up from a very humble back ground am very eager to show the world that each and every body can make it. I want to positively impact different souls in the world that think cant make it just because of their back grounds.

Volunteer: I am volunteering at make a child smile Uganda an NGO that deals with human trafficking in Uganda.
Children of the sun Uganda an organization that helps the most at risk people in Uganda like refugees , LBTQI, etc.

President Barrack Obama inspires me a lot because of his boldness and believing in equity

I love India’s culture, their way of dressing and respect they give to each other.

My favorite food is rice and beans.