Mr Teen USA United Nations 2015

Name: Erique Green

Age: 15 yrs

Height: 169 cm

Occupation: Student, Actor/Model

My hobbies include Modeling, Theater Arts, Professional TV and Commercial Acting, Singing, Dancing, Ultimate Frisbee, Culinary Arts, Visual Arts, and Photography.

Why do you want to enter? I would like to enter the 2015 United Nations Competition because of two reasons. The first being that it would help my own self-esteem in the sense that by participating I would be able to have the ability to overcome the fear of speaking out. By joining I will overcome this, and use it to influence my and many other communities. .The second reason I would like to enter is to have the ability and experience to help other countries around the world. I understand that at my age I am only able to do so much, but I want to do the best of my ability and hopefully influence the minds of people of my own age.

Total Votes : 500

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Vote for Mr Teen USA United Nations 2015