Mr Teen Caribbean United Nations 2016

Name: Raheem Harrison

Age: 18 yrs

Height: 180 cm

Occupation: Student

Hobbies: In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with friends, meeting new people, volunteering and giving aid where needed, decorating and interior designing, singing and browsing the internet.

Why do you want to enter? As a child growing up, I had always thought myself to be a motivation to others to help and assist those in need. I am a proactive person who learns from my own mistakes daily and also observes the actions of others and imitate the good qualities they possess. The need for more persons to volunteer is a matter being overlooked and therefore, in entering this competition, it is my aim to stimulate the minds of my fellow youths and citizens of the world about the importance of giving back to their community and the world at large. As global warming becomes a major concern, I believe that by working together, as a nation united and strong, we can combat the fear of global warming by volunteering to help in recycling and disposing of our waste properly by placing garbage in their designated areas. Incorrect disposal of waste leads to pollution which is another major concern of the world. I therefore enter this pageant with the aim of educating as many persons as possible about the negative effects of waste and toxins on the environment. Through good co-operation and the necessary materials to educate our citizens, the United Nations Vision 2030 will become a reality.

Total Votes : 26,400