Mr Liberia United Nations 2016


Name: Momo T. Vaii Jr.

Age: 27 yrs

Height: 170 cm

Occupation: Social Worker, Designer and CEO of Mtv Decoration, Events and Clothing line and One smile Charity Foundation.

Hobbies:I enjoy Modeling, Singing, mentoring young people, community service, charity work and Clothes Designing, being a young local designer has elevated me to become more involved in the fashion industry.

Why do you want to enter? Pageants for me have always been a platform to show another side of me. It allows me to evaluate myself to be a role model for young male who are inspired by me.  It also enhances the way you speak because being in pageants you must be able to speak well and also be of a good character. Pageants have helped me tremendously and i will continue to elevate myself and to represent my country in this aspect.

My platform is giving hope to Ebola orphan in Liberia and rest of West Africa that was heavy effect by Ebola. It has destroyed the future of these kids and has left them voluntary to society. If we must have a happy world and great nation them we must invested in these kids life and give them better future they desire. The one smile charity foundation that non – government organization establish to give hope to orphan around the world especially in West Africa our Ebola orphan.

Total Votes: 3,000