Name : Yash Raj

Age : 19

Occupation : Student

Height : 5feet 9 Inches

Hobbies : Singing

Biography : . I am model, I’m an 19 year-old college student .my father mah Inspiration . My father is a power that can give me power to win my war .I’m a model that loves to experiment with fashion & style.
I enjoy spreading beauty & love to everyone. My dream is to represent India on the international stage and all the wonderful gifts my country has to offer the world. I’m a confident, intelligent and beautiful person who sees the beauty in everyone. & I want Help every poor person he want to some money. food. respect. I love to see others inspired by their own accomplishments. Beauty and potions don’t achieve miracles, “Real beauty is about personality, a sense of humor and informed opinions. & Last I want to be the best person in the world to reach my height where I want to go.

Life Ambition : I want became a Successful Model

Why did you enter this Pageant ?
I feel that I can participate in this show and reach myself to my destination through a show, so I want to come to the show. I will use this platform to inspire and motivate other’s.

which world leader inspire you ?
I have a small house in the world called a leader .It’s my Dad.

What do you like About host Country India?
India is a country where non-Jat Path religion is seen. They all live together. Hindu. Muslims. Sikh Christian. All together brother brother. I love my India.

Favorite Food : Potato Paratha

Join us from November 1-6,2021 in Delhi, India for United Nations Pageants World Finals 2021.

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