Mr Ghana United Nations 2021

Name: Boateng Robert
Occupation: Model
Height: 6.2ft
Hobbies: Table Tennis, Singing, Dancing.
Biography: I’m Robert Boateng, 22years of age. I completed senior high school at kinbu in Ghana. After completing senior I worked at Coca-Cola company Ltd for one year, After Coca-Cola I Continue to work at Rubber Company as a factory hand. I then enter a modeling agency in Ghana 5star Modeling College, there I started building my modeling career. My hobbies are playing table tennis, singing and dancing.
Life Ambition: I really have passion for modeling. But one of the things I also want to be is, an investment adviser and a human resource manager.
Volunteer / Charity Work:
Why did you enter the pageant? I joined this pageant because I want to start an Initiative with what am passionate that is “protect/save girl child”.
Which world leader inspire you? Kwame Nkrumah
What do you like about host country India? UNITY IN DIVERSITY
People of different religion, creed, color and culture lives together with a great sense of brotherhood. This real sense of diversity is only found in India.
Favorite Food: Jollof Rice
Vote Cast in People’s Choice Ambassador:   500 votes
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Mr. Ghana United Nations 2021
Few more days until we crown the next Mr. United Nations 2021! We’ll be welcoming him into our brotherhood on November 1-6,2021 in New Delhi, India. If you enjoy giving back to your community, and want to promote a cause close to your heart this is the perfect avenue for you. If you’re interested in becoming our next country representative visit our website