Mr Antigua and Barbuda United Nations 2015

Name: Timoy Andrev Titus

Age: 26 yrs

Height: 168 cm

Occupation: Academic Instructor

Hobbies: When I am able to veer away from my routinely active lifestyle, I enjoy volunteer work, reading, cooking, singing and communicating in French.

Why do you want to enter? Since childhood, I’ve always been passionate about pageantry. Having participated in various pageants and related competitions, I’ve developed my skills and further built upon my passion. I’ve also considered myself to be quite a patriot national of my country. Any opportunity that I have had to bring awareness to the touristic offerings of Antigua and Barbuda.  I have exploited without hesitation. I’ve also sought to make my contribution back to society through my involvement in church, scouting and school. I continue to have a major impact on the lives of a significant number of persons (specifically young people) through my current efforts in the area of education. Participation in this pageant will allow me to continue to demonstrate and exercise my passions in a worthwhile way, while being a cultural-tourism ambassador for my home country. Furthermore, it will allow me to in a more diverse and formal way, contribute to charity work and to continue being a positive influence on society.

Total Votes : 600

Vote for Mr Antigua and Barbuda United Nations 2015

Vote for Mr Antigua and Barbuda United Nations 2015