Miss Zimbabwe United Nations 2021

Name : Monalisa Chiredzero
Age : 21 years
Occupation : Student
Height : 1.71m
Hobbies  : swimming  backing, kick boxing and reading
Biography : I’m 21 year old aspiring to study psychology , I was born and battered in Harare Zimbabwe ,I’m a public speaker and also a motivational speaker
Life Ambition : to become a political leader in my country and be a voice and and inspiration to nations
Charity work : red cross volunteer , tree planters of Zimbabwe , royal crown mental health
I entered because its a pageant that doesn’t only showcase beauty but also helps Charity , it will help me raise awareness for my cause of child mental health .
The late President Robert  Gabriel Mugabe inspires me he was revolutionary
despite his many downfalls
India is one of the most populated countries and many will see that as a disadvantage but I think that’s what makes it special it means more minds are working together and hands to make this world a better place I also like the friendliness of the people and the beautiful gowns that the women wear
I really have a sweet tooth so I don’t have a favorite food anything sweet and tasty I like .
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Few more days until we crown the next Miss United Nations 2021! We’ll be welcoming her into our sisterhood on November 1-6,2021 in New Delhi, India. If you enjoy giving back to your community, and want to promote a cause close to your heart this is the perfect avenue for you. If you’re interested in becoming our next country representative visit our website www.munp.org/entry-form