Name: Sherrie Gearheart

Age: 26 yrs

Height: 168 cm

Occupation: Editor of Tiara Magazine, Founder of Live Out Loud Charity, Motivational Speaker, Professional Runway & Print Model

Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Sewing, Modeling, Motivational speaking, Volunteering and Charity Works

Why do you want to enter? I truly believe in the Miss United Nations Pageant. It would be a dream come true to serve as an ambassador for the MUNP organization. I want to give a voice to the voiceless as the MUNP ambassador for 2014. I currently serve as Founder of Live Out Charity  Foundation that helps impoverished children in the Philippines suffering with cancer and terminal illnesses. During my trips to the Philippines I serve as Vice President of Project visiting the children we help as well as serve as the founding President of Live Out Loud Charity for suicide prevention. I complete media tours in the Philippines, USA, other countries to spread awareness and hope to those that need it most. I believe my values and beliefs align perfectly with the Miss United Nations Pageant. I want to serve my country and continue to serve internationally on a larger scale. It is my dream to continue to save lives and doing so as Miss United Nations Ambassador 2014 would help facilitate that dream further.

Total Votes :10,900

Vote for Miss USA United Nations 2015

Vote for Miss USA United Nations 2015