Miss Trinidad & Tobago United Nations 2016

Name: Rachelle Marcial

Age: 26 yrs

Height: 185 cm

Occupation: Manager GreensPark, Project Consultant, Environmental /Technical Field Officer.

Hobbies: I love outdoor and environmental activities such as hiking, biking, football, tennis, tours, beach cleanups. I enjoy a bit of dancing, learning and engaging with new cultures. Traveling, mainly to Caribbean countries has been my newest fascination. I thoroughly enjoy learning new things as I believe knowledge is never wasted and will be utilized at some point. Charity and voluntary work is at the core of my heart and life. No matter what I do and set out to accomplish in my life, making time to serve those in NEED, I genuinely do so with love, joy and much celebration..

Why do you want to enter?I am Rachelle Marcial. I want to enter because I believe in doing things with a PURPOSE. At this point in my life I feel ready to follow my heart and continue to motivate the younger children that I have been fortunate to interact with and assist. I love the environment with every cell within my body. I am a country girl and never equated to being a regular model or delegate even in past when I participated in the Miss World pageant Everything I do has purpose and charity and voluntary service is my genetic makeup. In 2014 I created environmental projects within the resources I am afforded to promote environmental awareness & sustainability such as a Green Runway and Alternative Runway to merge my love for fashion and the environment. A % of the proceeds was donated to charity to assist children with school expenses whose mother died from HIV. I have a few projects I created since 2014 that I would love to share to continue to promote environmental awareness. .

Total Votes : 15,900