Miss Tourism Jamaica United Nations 2015

Name: Rochelle James

Age: 21 yrs

Height: 180 cm

Occupation:  Student and Model

Hobbies: Singing, Acting,Charity and community Service.

Why do you want to enter? In 2013 I entered the United Nations Pageants and was accepted in Miss Teen division, this was my first pageant and overall first international pageant, I was crowded Miss Teen Caribbean United Nations 2013-2014 and at the international finals I was crowned Miss Teen United Nations World 2014, it was a wonderful and life changing experience,being apart of the United Nations Pageants family I was able to develop a high self esteem and confidence within myself, I also learnt a lot in terms of preparing for interviews, grooming and deportment along with many other stuff. One of the main reasons why I love this pageant setting and chose to enter is because it deals with equality and it plays a major role in charity activities which I am a big fan of, this pageant has taught me that it doesn’t hurt to help out others or even give back, this pageant has also inspired and motivated me in so many ways and for that I decided to re-enter again this year with the hopes of building my self confidence to a great and even higher level, I want to be a role model for other individuals out there and a motivational speaker as well, I also hope to promote my platform and help and reach out to others in every way that I can and so I find that this pageant can be used as a medium to accomplish all my tasks stated above along with others that I have in mind.

Total Votes : 150